Summer Saving Guide

Summertime means cookouts, vacations, and long days at the beach—but it can also take a big bite out of your wallet. Whether you’re paying for a staycation or a full-on family road trip, there are a ton of ways to save money during the summer months. Our summer saving guide has some of the best.

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Go free or go home

Try to opt for free activities first. Many cities offer free or cheap outdoor activities like zoos, nature walks, and outdoor movies. Look to your local parks and recreation organizations for ideas too. Also, check out those local summer circulars. You will be surprised by the events you can find in there!

Beach on a budget

If a beach trip is on your agenda, living near the coast is clutch. But, even if you don’t live that close to the shore, you can hit the sand on a budget. Pack lunch and snacks to avoid overpriced boardwalk eats, and bring your own beach toys and sunscreen to cut costs. Keep an eye out for events too. People have accidentally become fans of volleyball after catching a solid summer tournament.

Summer savings at home

Got a green thumb? You can save a lot of money by planting a garden. Herbs can be potted on your patio or even on a window sill. Fruits and veggies are a good bet too. Honestly, you can’t beat fresh, homegrown food.

Consider limiting energy usage while you’re away from home. Make sure all your lights are off, unplug any non-essential electronics, and keep your thermostat set a few degrees higher than usual. Using these tips, you can slash your electric bill anywhere from 5-15%. You know we love to make every little bit count around here!

There’s no reason to break the bank when it’s time for summer fun. Whether you’re looking for free activities or another way to cut costs, these tips can help you save money and have a blast this summer. Enjoy!

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