Money Mate Spotlight: Meet Suzy of Tulane University

by Kaitlyn Ranze

With students being heavily targeted by credit companies, it’s no surprise the amount of credit card debt and outstanding loan balances of college students increases every year.

We’ve launched the Nav.It student ambassador program, the Cash Crew, to combat this trend by promoting increased financial literacy and wellness across university and college campuses in the U.S. Meet one of our Money Mates, Suzy Davis.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I’m in the business school at Tulane majoring in marketing and management. I love working out and being social. I think when I set goals for myself for fitness they can parallel a lot of goals for finances…. I stick to [them] as they can help hold me accountable.

What are your money goals?

Finding balance in my spending & being smarter with my money so that I can build savings. I’m looking forward to going back to school this month and spending $ on experiences with friends such as nice dinners out.

What’s your #moneymindset?

My money mindset is all centered around being mindful in my spending so that I can save for special events where I want to spend more.

How has your money mindset changed since joining

Since joining I’ve definitely become more mindful in my spending and have learned how to allocate my spending in a way that increases my saving.

What surprised you after using

It surprised me how the app easily can organize my different expenditures simply by being linked to my bank account. sorts my spending and interprets it in a clear way so I can better understand how to adjust my spending habits each month.

What money stereotype do you wish we’d all forget about?

I wish we’d all forget that we can’t treat ourselves! Although it’s definitely important to be smart with spending, that doesn’t mean we need to restrict everything to save, saving a little at a time is more effective and will make you happier!

What’s one thing you like to treat yo’self with?

I love treating myself to a good meal or a new comfy sweatshirt!

What do you hope others will gain from joining the Cash Crew?

-I hope that others will gain a sense of the importance of being in touch with your personal finances and financial wellness to achieve long term finance goals.

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