Navigator Spotlight: YouNancial’s Ishan Gupta

YouNancial, a new online financial literacy platform designed by college students for college students.

A team of passionate college students and leaders from San Jose State University joined to create YouNancial. It’s a free online learning platform designed to build confidence in students’ current and future financial decisions.

YouNancial’s Goal

YouNancial aims to bridge the financial literacy gap for young adults providing resources that teach fundamental personal finance skills like budgeting, saving, and investing in a relatable and engaging way. Their mission is to ensure that every user feels confident in their ability to make healthy financial decisions. Through their website at YouNancial, students can explore courses and develop new money management skills and strategies online.

How it all began

Ishan Gupta of YouNancial

Since the summer of 2020 the founder, project manager and senior at SJSU, Ishan Gupta, led a team of 16 determined individuals through countless meetings about the product design and development.

Finding the motivation

Gupta goes into detail about his motivation and inspiration behind the creation of YouNancial. He says “Since switching into a finance concentration, I made it a goal of mine to help others understand and interpret the meaning behind numbers ….”

While nearly half the nation doesn’t require financially literacy in its high school curriculum, Gupta looks to provide it for free through his website.

Gupta explains “It’s the reason I not only aspired to be a financial analyst but to make a difference in how my friends, family, and fellow students viewed topics of personal finance. “

YouNancial is financial literacy by students, for students

As students, they understand that people have different learning styles. Whether you are a visual, auditory, or kinesthetic learner, they’ve got you covered! YouNancial is actively developing their online textbook, video lessons, study slides, and hands-on learning activities. They aim to prove an accessible, customizable, and personalized learning experience.

Designed with Diversity in Mind

YouNancial is also powered by individuals who strongly advocate for diversity and inclusion. Noemi Madrigal, Assistant Education Facilitator at YouNancial says, My favorite part about working at YouNancial is that I have the opportunity to help bridge the gap between students as many of them are underrepresented in this community.” 

With all the hard work and passion poured into this project over the last 8 months, their team has developed a variety of products curated for people of all backgrounds and of all levels of financial knowledge. 

What YouNancial Offers

Through their “S.A.F.E” model, YouNancial is providing an online literacy platform to college students.

  • An interactive course with 6 units & 20+ chapters
  • A student tailored financial handbook
  • 20+ engaging video lessons
  • Additional financial tools and resources focusing on diversity and inclusion

And their efforts are getting recognition

This student-focused start up is also the recipient of the 2020 Silicon Valley Innovation Challenge Peoples’ Award. This award is delegated to the team with the most popular idea.

Recognition isn’t why they do it.

Gupta explains, “Looking back, I wish I had a platform like YouNancial that taught me essential life skills… such as managing my money, avoiding debt… This fueled my desire for designing a student lead platform aimed to empower the younger generation.”

Gupta goes on, “With YouNancial, I hope to make personal finance topics a known subject amongst young adults because managing debt and wealth is the first step to being successful in the ‘real world’ as an adult.”

To get exclusive and early access to all of these amazing benefits, visit to learn more!

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