Nav.igating the New During Your New Normal Podcast | 17 March 2020

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! In our latest episode, we determine that in moments of crisis, we seek insight, (distant) community engagement, and practical strategies to keep calm and carry on.

What can you expect in today’s episode?

  • The many perspectives of Millennials experiencing this crisis
  • How to monitor your finances with our Money Page
  • How to monitor your own consumption- and then make assumptions on how others are spending as a launch point for stock evaluations and earning potentials
  • Spending
  • Saving
  • Debt, credit, and loans
  • Generating wealth and legacy protection
  • Paying bills
  • Financial technology: who we’re building this for and why
  • Community Page– Our ethos, our emotions around money, and our friends
  • The tools that we are using to bring stronger peace of mind in uncertain times

We want our nav.igators to take this time to understand your money strategy and determine what opportunities are out there as we prepare for the current economic outlook. There’s always opportunity in crisis. Most importantly, we want to maintaining a healthy money mindset. Check out the episode!

We’re changing the narrative around money. That’s why we’re excited to bring incredible tools like budgeting, account aggregation, debt repayment calculators, and more inside money app .

You can download it at Google Play and the Apple Store.

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