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Cash Crew Spotlight: What it Takes to Be a Nav.It Money Mate

by Maia Monell | 14 December 2020

Our goal at is to help you build a resilient money mindset so you can live F.R.E.E. (financially resilient, empowered early). 

While 2020 was a year we’re thrilled to bid adieu, the team is ready to make a splash in 2021. We’re kicking it all off by welcoming in a new era of money movers on colleges all across the country. 

Wondering if you have what it takes to be a Money Mate and rep as a member of the ambassador Cash Crew? Just ask Head Money Mate, Nikki Hurtado.

I sat down with Nikki earlier this month to capture why she’s excited to launch at the University of Miami.

For background, Nikki’s a Miami native and Senior at the UM double majoring in Sport Administration and Community Psychology with a minor in Spanish. She’s a part of several organizations on campus, as well as their executive boards including Senate in Student Government, Federation of Club Sports Senator, Miami Motion Dance Team President, Phi Sigma Pi Honor Fraternity Initiate Advisor, Association of Greek Letters Organization Secretary, and Zeta Tau Alpha sister. Nikki’s favorite things to do are eat, paint, and spend time with family & friends. 

Needless to say, she’s the epitome of a Nav.igator….

So Nikki, what drives you?

Nikki Hurtado is a student at the University of Miami and's Cash Crew head ambassador.
Nikki Hurtado, University of Miami

MY GOALS. I have always been an extremely goal-driven person and this aspect of myself has only grown since beginning college. I vocalize my goals, I write them down, and I give it my all to follow through.

What are your money goals?

Spend less, save more. Over the past year (COVID-19), it has become extremely clear to me how important it is to prioritize savings. During quarantine and my time at, I learned that being F.R.E.E. is achievable and one of the first steps was learning how to balance my spending and saving.

Going to college comes with a lot of extra expenses and social obligations that were always difficult to fit into my budget. It is still difficult for me to say “no” to friends in regards to spending money, but it is something I have definitely improved on.

What’s your #moneymindset?

“It’s just a number”- Most of the time, we let numbers like weight, IQ, GPA, and income define us in ways that hinder us from reaching our fullest potential. These numbers feel like they have a lot of value and weight attached to them but realizing that they are just numbers sets you free from those burdens.

How has your money mindset changed since joining

My #moneymindset before joining was simply “Spend Less”. I used to be really scared of checking my bank account and organizing my finances. After joining, I realized that finances were not something to fear but something to face head-on. emphasizes having open money conversations to eliminate the stigma around finances and well-being. This is something that I have taken into my everyday life by having those once-difficult conversations with others.

What surprised you after using

After using, I realized how much I DIDN’T know. Although a frightening realization, made learning and understanding a less intimidating experience. Having a community at, a place to log my own well-being, and learning new money tips and facts with stories and quizzes made the process more enjoyable and rewarding.

What money stereotype do you wish we’d all forget about?

“Women will be ultimately dependent on their husbands.” Being from Miami, a predominantly Hispanic-cultured environment, there has always been an unspoken (sometimes spoken) expectation that women will ultimately become dependent on their husbands’ income, if not now then later. Being a Hispanic cis-gendered, straight woman has always been a strong motivator for me to build myself a life and financial path that would set me up for success without anyone by my side. Fortunately, this stereotype has slowly begun to disseminate over the past few decades but it is definitely still something I see and hear often in my own community.

What do you hope others will gain from joining the Cash Crew?

I hope other students will gain an understanding of having a positive money mindset and not fearing finances but embracing them. After taking the time to understand and manage my finances, I realized how rewarding the process was and felt more hopeful than ever about achieving my money goals.

I also hope joining the Cash Crew influences students to have those money conversations with friends, family, and peers. If no one else is going to instigate the conversation, then let’s be the ones that do.

What’s next?

In the Spring of 2021, I will become a first-generation graduate of the University of Miami. I plan on attending Law school next Fall in hopes of becoming an Entertainment & Sports Lawyer. I feel so grateful for the experiences I have had as an undergraduate student and am extremely excited for the journey ahead in all aspects – family, love, education, personal well-being.

Thanks so much for joining us on your journey, Nikki. We couldn’t imagine launching the Cash Crew with anyone else!

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