Where to Get Your Crypto News

The top three reliable sources from podcasts, YouTube, and TikTok

by Kaitlyn Ranze

With limited regulation and mounting popularity of cryptocurrency and NFTs, the scams continue to climb.

Nearly 500 Crypto.com users lost 4,836.26 ETH and 443.93 BTC — equivalent to roughly $15.2 million and $18.6 million respectively— as well as $66,200 worth of other currencies from unauthorized withdrawals from a January 17th Hack. Crypto.com said that all affected customers have been fully reimbursed for the losses, but what about all the scams impacting investors?

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We’re not just talking the big hacks.

Losses from scams rose 82 percent to $7.8 billion worth of cryptocurrency in 2021. Despite this, investors are still super optimistic about it. Miami is mining its own currency and 59% of GenZ thinks crypto will make them rich and are more likely to buy digital assets than other generations. So how do you offset the risks?

Staying well-informed from reliable resources can limit your exposure to some of the bad takes in the crypto space.

Reliable resources do not mean getting your financial tips from finfluencers or celebrities who are hawking their NFTs and signing on to sell advertisements for different cryptocurrencies.

First of all, for SUPER beginners, with limited to no knowledge about cryptocurrencies, start here.

Moving forward, you’ll want to consider these three basics:

  1. Why do you want to buy crypto?
  2. What is your risk tolerance?
  3. Which cryptos to buy (and where)?

With this ever-evolving space, you’ll want to stay in the know.

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Once you’ve tackled the basics of crypto, jump into some blogs:

Or you can consume content like 1 billion TikTok users or 2 billion YouTube viewers. Before trusting the algorithm, remember, that a million views does not equal good advice. So what does? We dive into a little of that here.

But if you’re looking for our top recommendations in the cryptocurrency space, check out these three:

Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vaynerchuk paved his way to financial freedom through hard work, accountability, and staying ahead of the latest technology trends. As a successful entrepreneur, Gary shares his insight into how to overcome barriers and take advantage of new opportunities.


His latest content talks about all things NFT’s and Web 3.0, discussing their future with notable tech leaders such as Mark Zuckerberg.

Subscribe and follow to learn more on finding your path to success.

Wendy O

Wendy became obsessed with Crypto in 2017 and has since been involved in the space full-time, providing transparent marketing solutions for blockchain companies globally. She shares crypto news and helps her followers understand the purpose of cryptocurrency as well as the growth of NFTs.


Her goal: To keep others updated on all things crypto.

You can check out her TikTok, Youtube, Discord, and other social channels below.

Laura Shin

Former senior editor at Forbes, Laura Shin, is best known for her extensive background in crypto journalism. She has covered various crypto topics since 2013 and has even won named “Most Insightful Journalist” at the 2016 Blockchain Awards.


Unchained Podcast

Laura has since dedicated her time to sharing her crypto knowledge through her Unchained Podcast, the “no-hype resource for all things crypto”.

You can start listening to her podcast and reading up on her articles here 👇


This article is chockful of warnings. But, just like we have faith that you can navigate your finances, we know that you can navigate cryptocurrency.

When scrolling TikTok or Instagram for financial inspiration, remember to

  • Fact check
  • Don’t compare yourself to others
  • Make sure you get the full picture
  • Look out for ads
  • Stick to reliable sources
  • Remember, social media isn’t your only source for financial inspiration. There’s an app for that.
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