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Born out of the minds of former Google employees, Clubhouse is a social networking app exclusive to Apple users with an invite. Clubhouse lets users gather in audio chat rooms to not only talk but also network in a way never before achieved in social media spaces – through voice. founders Erin Papworth and Maia Monell are excited to connect on Clubhouse

After a year of video conferences, these chats are a welcome respite from zoom conferences and Slack announcements.

“I like Clubhouse because I can have an adult conversation without the pressure of putting on appearances or even leaving my house” says Kaitlyn Ranze, Community Manager. “Clubhouse was the outlet I never knew I needed. I’m excited our founders are using it to stay connected!”

What You’ll Find on Clubhouse

Hop on Clubhouse at any given time and you could stumble into conversations led by Wiz Khalifa, Kevin Hart, or our very own founders: Maia Monell and Erin Papworth.

Clubhouse isn’t complicated: Users can go on the app and join a “room” to jump in a conversation. Often, the conversations led by Maia and Erin are focused on the three M’s: money, memories, and mindset. Known for being unfiltered and honest, the founders hope to use Clubhouse as a means to bridge the gap between financial experts and those just getting started on their financial wellness journey.

So this is your official invitation to connect with our founders. Start Navigating Dollars and Sense and join them in this Thursday (and every Thursday after) in our official Club.

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