A money tracking help helps you figure out where your money is going.

Where’s My Money At?

by Jillian Bosserdet

Up until pretty recently, I didn’t know how much money I had on any given day. Ever. I mean, I totally knew that I paid my bills on time (thank god for autopay), and if I wanted to grab a coffee or go out to eat during the week, I could do it without thinking too much. I’ve subscribed to most of my supplement brands and do a meal service (shout out to Rebuilt Meals and John Ortolani for the discount code – orto15 😉 ), so my vitamins and meals were taken care of without much thought. 

First Up—What’s Up With My Money.

Jill is a yoga instructor, licensed health coach, Muay Thai trainer and fighter and her income streams reflect that.

My revenue streams are pretty unorthodox. I don’t work a 9 to 5, and keeping track of how much money I have coming in isn’t as easy as a salary. Some months I make more than others. 

I don’t splurge much or spend money on things that don’t seem practical. I constantly say I don’t have money for this or that, or no, I can’t do that thing that sounds really fun because I don’t have enough money.

When I Make More Money, I’ll… 

I recently heard someone who lives a similar lifestyle as I do speak about their income. They were living paycheck to paycheck somehow, not because they weren’t making enough money to do the things they wanted to do, but because they never kept track of the money they were making. 

Their income wasn’t top tier, but they weren’t scraping pennies together either. 

They had just adopted the philosophy of “when I make more money, I’ll…” instead of making the money they had now work for their needs AND wants. They weren’t aware of where their money was going, just that it was coming in and they were spending it.

Well, damn, wasn’t that precisely what I was doing? 

I automated everything from my bank account, which made it easier never to understand where my money was going. All of my general weekly spending was lumped with my bills, supplements, etc. 

The Change I Made.

Maybe, I had some wiggle room money I just never knew about. Maybe, I could go on that weekend trip. Using Nav.it, I became aware of the clusterf%ck that was my bank account, and working with a Nav.it coach, I became aware of how to undo that mess of numbers.

It never occurred to me to have multiple bank accounts. Ever. 

But what a genius move! Opening two different bank accounts allows me to set up my “needs” (bills, supplements, food, etc.) and my “wants” (weekly spending money, trips, coffees, dinner dates, etc.) I can actually SEE clearly where my money is and where it is going and how much I have.

Lessons Learned?

1.       Use the banking system to help you understand your money; don’t let banks use you.

2.       Your mentality affects how you see yourself and your money. Change statements like “When I make more money, I’ll…” to “I will save X amount to do Y.” Give yourself a tangible goal, which forces you to know exactly how much money you currently have and how much you need to make it happen. Instead of thinking, “I just need to make more money,” plan it out! See exactly what you’re spending and making.  

Want to share your story?

We LOVE to hear from Navigators who have used the app to help them along their financial journey. Whether the goal is to become debt-free or buy that plane or boat you have always wanted, Nav.it is here to help. 

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About Jillian

Jillian styles herself with many hats. She tries each of them on for moments of time, never quite settling on one. A Muay Thai fighter and trainer, yogi, and writer.

A stargazer, an empathic soul, a true wanderer, and creative. She doesn’t just want to see the world; she wants to dive full on into every intricate nuance of every part of the universe. Deep, yeah?

Jillian didn’t grow up under strict or rigid rules or religious beliefs and was given the freedom to decide her life and her faith for herself. She chose to put her faith in the stars and energy that seems to pulsate around us.  “Like calls to like,” a quote, an ideal, a mantra she tries to live by. What we put out into the world will come back to us.

Some, especially her students, may describe her as firm and tough and strictly devoted to training, but her heart sings anytime she is laughing and even more when she is simply snuggled up on a Sunday morning, front porch sitting with a good book and a cup of coffee. Jillian knows her path is unorthodox. She reminds herself constantly to trust in every step she takes. Every hat she throws on was meant for her to try.


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