Best Way to Automate Savings

With Auto-Saves helps you automate savings, track spending, and optimistically navigate your financial future with tips, tricks, and personal finance hacks. We believe that true wealth lies within our experiences and the people with whom we share those experiences. Money is simply a tool. We can maximize that tool with the right resources and financial allies.

Auto-saves from help our Navigators automate their savings to reach goals.

Whether you need cash for a trip, a new puppy, or moving to chase your dream job, auto-saves make it easy by automating your savings. Specify how much money you want to save and the frequency it should be drawn from an account of your choosing. Your savings stash is available for withdrawal anytime, and you can save for as many goals as you want!

Make confident money moves.

We think the power of intention improves our financial health. We also believe that empowering your money mindset improves your ability to earn and allocate dollars for the things that bring you joy. “Splurging” on a trip, clothes, or art supplies isn’t impractical if it brings you closer to the people you care about, encourages confidence, or brings you mental zen. You don’t need to live in austerity to improve your financial outcomes. Budgeting improves your ability to buy the things that enhance your outlook and experience when it counts. Auto-saves help you save for those experiences.

Download the Free App and Start with Auto-Saves

Test drive our free app and securely connect your bank accounts through Plaid when you’re ready. Trusted by PayPal, Venmo, and American Express, Plaid is the developer interface we use to allow users to see and manage their banking information from a single dashboard. It’s the industry standard and undergoes rigorous testing and review. With Plaid, you can feel confident your money is safe and secure.

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