5 reasons you need a real estate attorney

Five Reasons You Need a Real Estate Attorney

Editor’s Note: Arguing a case in front of judge and jury might be the most glamorous aspect of law, but it may not be the most relevant to you on your path to financial FREEdom. This month we talked a lot about services that improve your well-being and prevent catastrophic financial outcomes. A home may be the biggest investment you ever make, so Nav.it brought Georgia Attorney Patience Kaysee Saydee on board to address five ways a real estate attorney empowers your finances.

by Patience Kaysee-Saydee | 29 July 2020

1 Negotiate Purchase Price and Contract Terms

Real state attorneys can help you negotiate Purchase Price and Contract Terms

Real estate attorneys work with other attorneys, real estate agents, developers, brokers, and investors to negotiate favorable terms and conditions for their clients. (This means saving you $$$.)

Buying property is a complex process. Attorneys are versed in “legalese” and can explain legal documents.

Legal documents are complex, and each has its own legal implications and consequences. Attorneys are versed in “legalese” and can explain legal documents such as purchases, sales agreements, and promissory notes to their clients in layman’s terms.

3. Communicate with All Parties Involved

From agents to brokers, real estate attorneys can communicate with all parties Involved

Real estate transactions involve many different parties, including seller and buyer, real estate agents, mortgage lenders, closing attorney, etc. An attorney can effectively navigate relationships with all parties to ensure their clients’ best interests are maintained. Having a real estate attorney involved can give you peace of mind.

4. To Investigate and Resolve Title Issues

Title issues such as liens, judgments, zoning, and other encumbrances can greatly affect the value and enjoyment of property. These issues can be costly and time consuming if handled without an attorney. Attorneys are trained to spot and resolve problems that their clients do not recognize.

5. Save Money in the Future

“Prevention is better than a cure” is a common and true saying. Hiring an attorney in the very beginning of a transaction can save clients thousands of dollars in the long run. For instance, a preliminary review of a contract by a real estate attorney can result in identifying unfavorable fine print terms which saves a client thousands of dollars in future litigation fees and court costs.

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Patience Kaysee-Saydee is the owner of Kaysee Legal Group, LLC, a law firm based in the metro-Atlanta area in Georgia. Attorney Kaysee-Saydee holds a B.A in Political Science and International Affairs from The Florida State University and a J.D. from Loyola University College of Law, New Orleans. Her law firm specializes in Real Estate (commercial and residential) and Immigration law. She’s recognized the need to determine the course of her own life and has been on a journey to live out God’s assignment and anointing on her life.  Connect with Patience at Kaysee Law Group LLC or Instagram.

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