Zen Out on Puget Sound

Despite having been born and raised in Los Angeles, I don’t normally embrace my crunchy granola stereotype—I eat meat, I can’t stand Kombucha, and when I hear the phrase “soul cycle,” I start screaming internally. But one “woo woo” wellness trope that I absolutely do subscribe to? Yoga.
You can catch me in the studio at least a few times a week, chaturanga-ing until my arms turn to jelly. It’s one of the only tried and true methods I’ve found for both relieving anxiety and moving my couch potato body in a way that doesn’t make me hate myself the next day.
Which is why my ears perked up when I learned about the Orcas Island trip from Purposeful Nomad. This mini-vacation to the islands north of Seattle (close enough to wave to Canada!) touts an itinerary rich with literal soul food. Think: morning yoga/meditation sessions, hiking in Moran State Park, a cooking class using healthy local produce, and maybe even a glimpse of Shamu.
Not gonna lie, my bags are already half-packed, but for the rest of you, here’s why this trip is the hard restart your mind and body need.
Flip that off switch. 
The point of this trip is to walk away feeling refreshed, so Purposeful Nomad gives you the entire first day to figure out what that means for you. Reading, journaling, making art, walking on the beach, napping—anything’s on the table if it helps you let go of whatever was going on in your life before you stepped onto that plane. The only requirement is that you give yourself a chance to disconnect. (Yes, that means from your phone too. *gasp*)
Choose your own adventure (or don’t).
Continuing in the theme of personal preference, day two is all about picking the upbeat activity that gels best with you. The trip comes with a group hike through Moran State Park, which boasts 5,000 acres of forest, wetland, and lakes. (Don’t worry, you won’t be hiking all those acres. That’s more of a Naked and Afraid situation.)

But if hiking isn’t your jam, try out a kayaking or whale watching tour. Or go on foot and explore the little town of Eastsound. Orrrr do none of these things. As the yogis say: Child’s pose (read: napping) is always available to you.

Get crafty.
Did you know that Orcas Island is known for its impressive variety of ceramics? Get in touch with your inner artist with a tour through a local ceramics studio and see the process in action. Hopefully you’ve worked up an appetite, because after the ceramics studio, you’re headed to the farmers market to shop for the ingredients you’ll use in that evening’s cooking class. It’s taught by Chef Carlie Grob, who also happens to be your morning yoga instructor (such a multifaceted lady!).
Keep it zen.
On the last day of this mini escape, your sendoff will be breakfast and a final yoga session to lock in the balance you’ve found over the trip. As you return to your kids or job or general hustle-and-bustle lifestyle, you’ll take with you the peace of Puget Sound…and hopefully a little patience for the next time life tries to punch you right in the face. (Whatever you do, don’t try to cure it with kombucha.)
Price it Out: Rest, Renew, Refocus
  • A short jaunt to Washington to recharge your mental batteries: $1150 Unlike other PN trips, this price is based on single occupancy rooms (though you can get a 10% discount if you share a room with a friend). Trip includes: 3 meals a day, accommodations at the North Beach Inn, hosted yoga sessions, hiking, a behind-the-scenes tour of a ceramics studio, and cooking class taught by chef Carlie Grob.
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