Wins from the Week of April 13th

Every day seems to be a battle in the fight to defeat COVID-19. And yet, each day we hear new stories of the best of humanity. Stories that give us hope, stories that make us laugh, stories that remind us that we humans are still capable of love, kindness, and compassion. So, our team thought we’d highlight those “wins” each week. No matter how big or small, if it was a win for you, it was a win for us. We’ve got this.

Wins From Home

Accounts getting Stimulated. Lots of Americans got their Stimulus checks this week. Huzzah. Fintech for the win as digital banking is helping millions get access to much-needed cash. Here’s how to know when to expect yours.

Cant’ nobody stop me. Americans across the country are still finding some pretty epic ways to celebrate during shut-ins. This little guy’s Star Wars-themed front-yard birthday will bring joy to your heart. My own nephew had a birthday last week. His friends (and their parents) drove down the driveway one by one wishing him a happy birthday. People are still awesome.

Finding New Skillzz: Green thumb anyone? With America staying home, many are taking to new skills and home improvements to pass the time. While my guy has been growing green things for years, I’m starting to pick up a few tricks of the trade. It’s a great way to keep entertained, learn something new and see your efforts pay off. Send us your favorite new skillzz and we’ll feature them here each and every week. Join the veggie growing movement from your own backyard.

Wins from Afar

Notre Dame is V Thankful. France’s iconic landmark held a salute to healthcare workers on its one-year anniversary of the cathedral’s fire. President Macron said it best, ““The restoration of Notre-Dame… is a symbol of the resilience of our people, of their capacity to overcome hardships, and to recover.” Recover we shall.  

Love is Back. Well… hopefully, these stories have shown us all that it never exactly left. But, weddings were certainly put to a halt. While brides and grooms across the globe have postponed their special day, those in Wuhan are beginning to wed once more!

Wonder Woman is Real! This 106-year-old Brit has recovered from COVID-19 and is ready to resume a normal life.

Wins From the Frontlines

Sam, you angel, you. Sam’s Club is offering ‘Hero Shopping Hours’ to all Healthcare workers. No membership needed. From 8am to 10am every Sunday, Hero Hours, will be reserved for the bravest in our communities to allow them to shop in peace, without fighting over the last roll of TP. Here’s hoping they get Saturday evening/ Sunday morning deliveries…

Crush it: Women’s sports apparel brand, Title Nine is helping to support their community (and their households) by offering free workouts every week, live from their IG. Let’s be honest, we’re all getting a little stir crazy. But badass brands like T9 are helping us connect with new and old friends over our favorite channels to help us stay sane, safe and healthy.

Have a personal or professional win that you’re proud of? No matter how big or small, we want to celebrate it. These are the stories that will get us through this thing with a little more compassion, a little more inspiration, a little more resilience each and every day. Whether you’re on the front lines or searching for better news from the comfort of your own home, DM us @letsnavit or email

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