Win $500 Toward a Trip to Guatemala!

Who run the world? Girls. And while I’m always looking to get a Beyoncé reference in everything I do, this one directly relates to the Purposeful Nomad trip to Guatemala that explores the cultural and historical significance of textiles in Guatemala.

Textiles were started by Mayan women to preserve the rich tradition of weaving. With a variety of styles and patterns, textiles require an incredible amount of labor to reach the beauty that makes them such a specialized product.

Weaving has empowered Guatemalan women to become expert artisans, and you’ll get to see it first-hand if you embark on this journey with PN.

But if that’s not enough for you, how about the fact that you could win $500 toward this trip, plus $250 for a friend? No joke. It’s free money, y’all, and we’re giving it away.

Just download the app and post a pic in the community feed, including the hashtag #Guatemala in the title by April 12, 2019 to enter! (More info here.)

Now that I’ve got your attention, let’s go through some of the trip highlights.

Meet the boss ladies.

(image: Purposeful Nomad)

The weaving ladies of Manos De Fe share with you the important role that weaving plays in traditions of marriage.

You’ll see demonstrations of weaving and tortilla-making (which, let’s face it, is what we all came for), then you and the other nomads will make a Guatemalan meal together in a cooking class.

Get on the loom yourself.

(image: Purposeful Nomad)

By this time, you’ll be so impressed by the tour of colorful textiles that you’ll need to make them yourself. At a visit to a small textile store, you’ll participate in a workshop and get on the loom to try your hand at this tradition (with instruction from an expert Mayan weaver, don’t worry).

And make more art…

(image: Purposeful Nomad)

This excursion is definitely geared toward creatives—there are two more hands-on workshops you’ll get to participate in.

The first is at a local school, where you’ll help put the finishing touches on the giant kites that will be flown on November 1 for the Dia de los Muertos festival (later in your itinerary, you’ll go to the festival and watch the kites you helped make soar through the sky!).

The second is a natural-dyeing workshop where you’ll learn how the Guatemalans source some of their most vibrant colors from nature.

Get on a boat.

(image: Purposeful Nomad)

I think we can all admit that one of life’s greatest joys is getting on a boat (with your swim trunks and your flippy-floppies).

Try not to spend your entire journey from Antigua to the beautiful shores of lake Atitlán thinking about all the future cocktail parties where you’ll don your most pretentious accent to say, “On my journey from Antigua to the beautiful shores of lake Atitlán…”.

It’s in the community of Santiago where they’re known for their bird weavings. Enjoy a presentation of some of their most intricate textiles from one of the heads of the community organization Batz.

And, of course, explore on your own.

(image: Purposeful Nomad)

The great thing about Purposeful Nomad’s carefully planned itineraries is that they leave room for you to adventure on your own.

Half the fun of traveling the world is stumbling upon unexpected joys, and that usually happens when you’re wandering somewhat aimlessly (within reason, we want you to be safe).

Spend your free time trekking around the colonial district of colorful Antigua and Santiago Atitlán, a town rich with indigenous culture.

Price it Out: Touring Textiles, the Fabric of Guatemala

  • Purposeful Nomad’s Guatemala getaway (normal price): $2450 Trip dates: October 27th-Nov. 2nd, 2019; Price based on double occupancy (plus $350 for a single room). Trip includes: Lodging, private transportation and driver, bi-lingual guide, most meals where indicated, all excursions listed, entrance fees to parks, community activities, cooking class.
  • Orrrr enter the giveaway for a chance to win a $500 discount: $1950 Pay less than $2,000 for this week-long trip if you win the Nomad Giveaway (plus $250 for a friend)! Enter by posting in the community feed with the hashtag #Gautemala in the title by April 12!
Don’t have the app yet? Download the app for iOS or Android today to enter the giveaway! All new users receive a month of Premium for free!
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