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Weekly Spotlight Series | Week of May 4th

Is it just us or has it been exceptionally challenging trying to find a child’s size mask?

Many states in the first stages of re-opening are requiring all people to wear masks when they leave there house. The people that need to leave it the most? You and your under-10 year old. But as we flock to the doorways of our home/office/movie theatre/home-ec. experiment, many of us are realizing that the masks we bought for ourselves don’t quite work for the kiddos next to us.

Leading us to today’s spotlight… Meet Oso & Me

Oso & Me

Oso & Me is a children and baby’s clothing brand that, wait for it…. grows with your kid. No, this is not a joke. Having gifted these perfect pieces to many mothers and their ever-growing children, I can assure you that they indeed last for at least a year. Brilliant, I know. So you won’t be surprised if I then told you a mother of 3 under 10 was the wise woman behind this brand.

What we (also) love about Oso &Me? Well, there’s quite a lot. Not only do these clothes last through the stages of your kiddo’s growth spurts, but they’re also designed to go from playtime to dinner time. Many of the designs are reversible and ALL are washer/dryer approved. Lastly, the clothes are produced in my old stomping grounds of San Francisco, CA. Seriously what’s not to love?

COVID-19 Response

Back to my mask issue noted above. Again, as a mother of three small children, Oso & Me’s founder realized early into the pandemic that children’s masks would be hard to come by. So, she and her team did what they do best, solve a problem with the supplies they had. Now Oso & Me has partner with Baby2Baby to provide masks to children impacted by COVID-19. For each set of masks purchased, they’ll donate a set to a child in need. They kickstarted the effort by preemptively donating 1,000 masks to Baby2Baby.

Our Take

Oso & Me has made an important pivot in order to service both their existing customers and their greater community. Their partnership with Baby2Baby was a great way to strategically affect change, without harming their production and distribution channels. As we begin to head back out into the world, waiting for this or another virus to strike, Oso & Me has firmly positioned themselves as a brand that cares first and foremost for the health of your family. Making their promise to grow with your child even more impactful as we embrace this new world ahead.

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