What Beyoncé’s “Break My Soul” Teaches Us About Money, Careers, and Life

by Kenneth Medford III

It is a national, dare I say, global event when Queen B aka Auntie Yoncé aka Beyoncé releases a new track. As with all music, where you stand at that moment in time will greatly affect how you hear it and what makes it resonate with you. Being the financially minded folks that we are, Beyoncé’s Break My Soul SCREAMED Great Resignation to us in more than a few lines.

Here are a few life lessons from Queen B’s “Break My Soul”:

There is more to life than work

And I just quit my job

I’m gonna find new drive

If there is one thing people have been learning to do since the Covid-19 pandemic, it is leaving negative situations for greener pastures. Taking the time to learn new skills or sharpen those already acquired can put you in a position to increase your salary by almost 15% when quitting your job

Also, don’t overlook the chance to rediscover who you are and what you really want from life while finding your new drive. It might not be as simple as finding another job in the same industry. You may find your new drive in a completely different lane, but you owe it to yourself to find out.

If work is ruining your quality of life, it might be time to reconsider it

Damn, they work me so damn hard

Work by nine

Then off past five

And they work my nerves

That’s why I cannot sleep at night

Let’s talk about it. How many times have you felt overworked and undervalued? How many times have you shown up on time or early to be told to stay late? How many of your supervisors make the simplest tasks more difficult than they need to be? All of this and more linger on your mind at night, stressing you out and keeping you up at night. 

It’s important to have boundaries

Boundaries are oh so important in personal relationships, but just as much if not more so at work. While the pressure to perform in a recession may be higher, don’t forget your limitations. Relentless long hours and poor working conditions is not sustainable for you or your employer. And unfortunately, your employer is not there to take care of you and your mental/physical health. Only you can do that for yourself. Remember, you deserve to sleep at night. (Although, it’s pretty well known that stress lowers productivity so it would be to everyone’s benefit if there is better work-place balance.)

Sometimes we have to start over

And I’m on that new vibration

I’m buildin’ my own foundation, yeah 

The definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over expecting a different result. That means many of us, millennials especially, need to get on that new vibration to build our own foundation. The traditional school → job → house etc. just might not flow the same way these days. (Recession, anyone?)

So take a look at yourself, your relationship with money, and see what’s not working.

Since we all have different ideas of success and different goals in life, our finances and the foundations should be different as well.

Find your vibration and your frequency, make sure your focused on values-based spending, and do things your way.

Mental health is wealth and holding grudges can cost you

Release ya anger, release ya mind

Release ya job, release the time

Release ya trade, release the stress

Release the love, forget the rest

Do you ever find yourself still dwelling on that one thing your friend said to you two years ago? Or what about that time your boss gave you a less-than-stellar performance review? If so, then you’re not alone. It’s human nature to hold onto grudges.

But what you may not realize is that holding onto a grudge can actually cost you. Here’s how:

1. It takes up valuable mental space.

The first way that holding a grudge can cost you is by taking up valuable mental space. When you’re holding onto a grudge, it’s always on your mind. You might find yourself thinking about it when you’re trying to go to sleep at night or when you’re in the middle of a meeting at work. And the more you think about it, the more it starts to take over your life.

2. It makes you feel bad.

Another way that holding a grudge can cost you is by making you feel bad. When you’re holding onto a grudge, you’re constantly reliving the event that made you mad in the first place. And that can lead to a lot of negative emotions, like anger, resentment, and even sadness.

3. It can damage your relationships.

When you’re holding onto a grudge, it’s hard to let go of the anger and resentment you’re feeling. And that can make it difficult to maintain healthy relationships with the people in your life.

4. It can impact your physical health.

Finally, holding a grudge can also cost you by impacting your physical health. When you’re holding onto a grudge, your body goes into fight-or-flight mode. And that can lead to a host of physical health problems, like high blood pressure, headaches, and even stomach problems.

So if you’re holding onto a grudge, it’s important to realize that it could be costing you, and Beyoncé has a really, really valid point in “Break My Soul.”

Now on to the next point…

For your dreams to become a reality, you have to start living them.

If you don’t seek it, you won’t see it

That, we all know (Can’t break my soul)

If you don’t think it, you won’t be it

So many of us get uncomfortably comfortable in our jobs. Many of us do it simply because we believe there is no other option. Whether we think there is no better neighborhood for us, no better school for our kids, no better salary in the job market, or whatever else may be important to you. The thing is, if you don’t seek it, you won’t see it. In all things, you have to keep those eyes open. 

On that same note, if you don’t even let your mind consider other possibilities, how are you going to reach new heights? If you let people around you tell you that you can’t do something just because THEY did it a different way or because it’s not what works for THEM, how are you going to find YOUR way? If you don’t think it, you won’t be it.

Some stress is normal, but it doesn’t have to break you.

You won’t break my soul

You won’t break my soul

You won’t break my soul

You won’t break my soul

At the end of the day, this is it. This is everything. Stress is inevitable even in a job you love, but it doesn’t. . .no, it SHOULDN’T break your soul. Nothing we do in this life is meant to cause us so much pain that we are broken. Our strength is not for that. Our strength is to get up and find new opportunities, to chase our dreams, to experience the greatness that this life has for us.

Your financial journey is likely going to be difficult, but don’t let it break your soul. Your job might get tough, but don’t let it break your soul. Let the words of Beyoncé put the battery in your back and motivate you to find your salvation and build your foundation. And everyone in the house today, from the front to the back say, AMEN! (Yes, writing this gave me that kind of energy (^///^))

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