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Weekly Wins | Week of May 11th

Every day seems to be a battle in the fight to defeat COVID-19. And yet, each day we hear new stories of the best of humanity. Stories that give us hope, stories that make us laugh, stories that remind us that we humans are still capable of love, kindness, and compassion. So, our team thought we’d highlight those “wins” each week. No matter how big or small, if it was a win for you, it was a win for us. We’ve got this.

Wins From Home

Home improvement is all the rage. We’ve said it before, but we’ll say it again, in times of COVID-19, we’re all learning something new. From planting to painting, our Nav.igators have continued to share their projects, new skills, and resources with us.

We wished this gym owner lived next door. A gym owner from Illinois gave patrons nearly $40,000 of gym equipment to use at home free of charge during the pandemic. Talk about brand loyalty. Well done, sir. Well done.

If you found over $100K on the ground, what would you do? This incredible 19-year-old aspired-cop did what even I probably wouldn’t. He returned $135,000 to the bank where he found it. In return, he was invited to apply to his local police department. Apparently, good people do still exist.

Renewable energy usage surpassed coal for the first time in US history in April. That’s right, the transition away from coal for electricity generation has accelerated in 2020 thanks to things like low gas prices, warmer weather, and lower power demand thanks to COVID.

Wins from Afar

We wish all taxi drivers were this cool. A Spanish taxi driver drove an Italian student stranded in Spain during the pandemic 900 miles to her home in Italy. Free. Of. Charge. Say it with us,”woahhhhh.”

The seagulls of Rome go back to their animal nature. If you’ve ever been to Rome on holiday, you’ll have witnessed the table-side manner of a Roman seagull. The birds stay fueled on the table scraps of patrons across the city. Though, now as restaurants have closed, these birds are turning back to their natural feeding routines, feasting on rats and pigeons. Yum. T

Wins From the Frontlines

Samsung is offering free repairs to frontline healthcare workers. C’mon Apple, do better.

Meanwhile, H&R Block is offering free tax support to all firefighters, police officers, EMTs and healthcare workers. Check it out!

Oh, and Jetblue is offering a free flight for all healthcare workers. Nominate one in your community here.

Make your money do some good. Naseku Goods is showing us all how to ‘pay it forward’ by connecting us with small businesses and artisans near and far. Their quarterly curated boxes contain premium goods made by those in recovering communities. We’re raffling off one fo their March boxes!Enter to win a Naseku Box by heading over to your app store and giving a 5-star review and one-liner on how you’re using the app! One lucky winner will get sent a Naseku box and they’ll also be able to nominate a frontline worker in their network well deserving of a second box, free! Boom. Day, made. Money App in Google Play Money App in the Apple App Store

Have a personal or professional win that you’re proud of? No matter how big or small, we want to celebrate it. These are the stories that will get us through this thing with a little more compassion, a little more inspiration, a little more resilience each and every day. Whether you’re on the front lines or searching for better news from the comfort of your own home, DM us @letsnavit or email

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