Weekly Wins | Week of April 20th

Every day seems to be a battle in the fight to defeat COVID-19. And yet, each day we hear new stories of the best of humanity. Stories that give us hope, stories that make us laugh, stories that remind us that we humans are still capable of love, kindness, and compassion. So, our team thought we’d highlight those “wins” each week. No matter how big or small, if it was a win for you, it was a win for us. We’ve got this.

Wins From Home

You can celebrate Mother Nature from anywhere, including your 1 bedroom loft. The unlikely Fish and Wildlife Services has just launched a Stay-At-Home Science channel. We know what we’re watching this weekend.

Customers really do care. This steakhouse in Arkansas received a stimulus check from one of their patrons. The customer chose to donate their check to their favorite restaurant to help support and thank them for their newfound take-out services.

Wins from Afar

Getting a little stir-crazy? This badass 15 year old can help spread some well-deserved inspiration. She’s now climbing her way out of boredom. And has us wondering why we have already thought of this already… Weekend, updated.

Ain’t no mountain high enough. The Swiss are crushing the global COVID-inspo-game by projecting the flags of different countries on their most iconic mountains. Not sure how, but so happy they pulled this symbol of unity during adversity off. As only the Swiss can.

So… IDK if this is good news. But the EU just proposed legislation that would allow for the consumption of insects. Yeah. Apparently, the things we aren’t so fond of flying and crawling around our homes uninvited, might be making a new, more stoic, appearance in grocery stores?

Wins From the Frontlines

In case you felt we haven’t said it enough. THANK YOU to every frontline worker who continues to show up to help those who need you. We’ve been loving stories of recovery, stories of resilience, stories of human-good near and far. This week’s call-out? These Massachusettes workers are discharging COVID patients to the sound of Rocky. As only Rocky can, we have all the feels.

Make your money do some good. Naseku Goods is showing us all how to ‘pay it forward’ by connecting us with small businesses and artisans near and far. Their quarterly curated boxes contain premium goods made by those in recovering communities. We’re raffling off one fo their March boxes! Enter to win a Naseku Box by heading over to your app store and giving Nav.it a 5-star review and one-liner on how you’re using the app! One lucky winner will get sent a Naseku box and they’ll also be able to nominate a frontline worker in their network well deserving of a second box, free! Boom. Day, made.

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Have a personal or professional win that you’re proud of? No matter how big or small, we want to celebrate it. These are the stories that will get us through this thing with a little more compassion, a little more inspiration, a little more resilience each and every day. Whether you’re on the front lines or searching for better news from the comfort of your own home, DM us @letsnavit or email hello@navitmoney.com

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