Money Mindset can help you analyze you wellness

Tracking Your Financial Wellness with Nav.It’s Money Mindset Insights

by Kaitlyn Ranze | 2 November 2020

Let’s talk about your well-being

You track your runs, your training programs, your macros, and your sleep. But what about tracking the sh*t that keep you up at night? That limit your ability to invest in your health, your future, and things that bring you joy? We’re not talking your transactions (though you can manage your accounts with Nav.It too). We’re talking about something more profound.

We mean to track your Money Mindset

Money Mindset = Your overall feeling towards your money. It impacts how you make financial decisions every day and can either accelerate or derail achieving your financial goals. 

“We believe taking the time to check in on your mood throughout the day, week, month, gives you a chance to reflect on if your emotions alter your financial picture and if trends emerge that reveal something deeper, you can change.” Erin Papworth, Nav.It CEO and Founder. β€‹


Tracking Your Financial Fitness

While your path to wellness and financial resilience doesn’t have to be rushed or defined by anyone else, it can be measured and tracked. That’s why we’re giving you the tools to track your money mindset with insight.

Simply tap on the small yellow icon 😢 at the bottom of your screen. Select your money mindset (πŸ˜πŸ˜‹πŸ˜ πŸ˜°πŸ˜•πŸ˜Œ). Once you check-in, you can nav.igate through your insights for the month. ​

With these insights, you get to unleash your low-key nerd and empower your financial fitness with a  πŸ’£ tracking routine.

Ready to get started? Make sure you update your app in the Google Play or Apple store!

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