See the World and Connect With It—Be a Purposeful Nomad

At a time when you can choose where to spend your money based on how a business contributes to its community, there’s not much left out there that doesn’t come with purpose. And that includes travel.
To me, the best part of exploring a new area is that you can make the trip about so many things: self-care, adventure, meeting new people, philanthropy, getting off the beaten path, eating way too much of the local delicacies…it’s about getting a full experience!
Enter: Purposeful Nomad, a company that creates trip itineraries to bring women together for socially responsible adventures that go beyond the destination’s surface.
Here’s why it’s perfect for us, Nav.igators.*
At the heart of Purposeful Nomad is community engagement.
They believe that if women are given the opportunity to travel safely and securely, they can change the world just by experiencing new things, exchanging ideas, and having meaningful interactions with the local community. (Sound familiar?)
The trips—just like women—are not one size fits all.
The itineraries, while a thoughtful, out-of-the-box mix of adventure, relaxation, and community engagement, are not scoped for every moment of everyday. You’ll have time to bring your own personality to your trip and customize it. Follow your own bliss.
Hang out in “secret corners of the world” with the locals.
Purposeful Nomad meets with local community members—often those who do not work in the tourism industry—to establish relationships, then designs in-depth itineraries that take travelers deep into the rich history and local culture. No cookie-cutter tourist traps here.
It’s all-inclusive and all original.
Enough with the Bahamas and Cancun already. These are all-inclusive trips to unique locations that aren’t your typical tour packages. In January 2019, Purposeful Nomad heads to Rajasthan, India for 15 days and enjoys an intimate side of India with a focus on the complex daily lives of women in this part of the world.
Travelers will learn to sew while listening to stories from the women of the non-profit Sambhali Trust; enjoy self-care spa treatments in boutique heritage hotels where they’ll stay; and of course, eat all the yummy food. Sign us up immediately.
Itineraries are tried and true (like ours!).
The activities planned for each trip are researched in advance and tried before going on the itinerary. The ladies behind Purposeful Nomad act as your guinea pigs, so you don’t waste any time on your vacation.
Every part of every trip is intentional, and built with integrity.
While creating a new trip, the founders meet with the communities and/or non-profits that they plan to partner with.
They find out where these organizations get their funding; who benefits from the work they do in these areas; if there are any skills they can share with the travelers; and what the needs are of each community, so they can learn how Purposeful Nomad can be of service.
If they don’t like what they hear during these meetings, they don’t make the partnership. Simple as that.
  • Sample Trip: Discover the Jewels of Rajasthan
  • DATE: January 11th-25th, 2019 (Psst! Can’t go this year? It’ll come back around in 2020, or you can check out Purposeful Nomad’s other trips.)
  • PRICE: $3,950 per person based on double occupancy. (Plus $1,500 for a single room.)
    • Engage the community: Experience a village homestay in the Thar desert. Ride a camel, learn to cook by the fire, and dance with the gypsies.
    • Practice self-care: Get pampered at a spa in a beautiful heritage hotel.
    • Learn new skills: Learn to sew or block print while engaging with the women of Sambhali Trust. Find inspiration in their soulful stories.
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