Plaid secures and connects your account to the app

Easy, Efficient, Secure: Connecting an Account in the Money App

Digital banking is convenient and gives users faster access to their hard-earned dollars. But how safe is it to connect your bank to a third-party financial app like If you use the gold standard of security, the answer is very safe.

And the Fintech Gold Standard is Plaid

Trusted by Paypal, Venmo, American Express and the mortgage lender behemoth Fannie Mae,
Plaid provides financial apps the tools they need to create easy and accessible experiences for their users. Tens of millions of people have successfully connected their financial institutions to apps they love using Plaid.

Multi-factor authentication is required for access to Plaid infrastructure. Not only that, it regularly undergoes both internal and external network penetration tests, and third-party code reviews. Meaning they pay people to test for vulnerabilities, and fix them before anyone can exploit them. Neat.

Encryption, Encryption, Encryption

Even we can’t see your details. Communication between Plaid and your bank is transmitted only on encrypted channels. There’s a bunch of fancy development speak in here (cryptographically hashed headers, anyone?) but each transmission is verified for authenticity so you can feel good that your deets only belong to you.

Connect and Manage Money Anywhere

Fintech like helps users better access financial services. From lower fees and better rates to access to credit and loans, Plaid delivers an effortless interface to connect financial transactions from a user-friendly dashboard focused on offering exceptional services. So download the app, test drive our features and when you’re ready connect to your banks for easy expense tracking and automated savings. You’ll see how your money moods impact your bottom line, and create habits that improve your financial wellness.

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