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Pivoting to Protect | How This High Fashion Atelier is Supporting Women During COVID-19

Weekly Spotlight Series | Week of May 11thT

In just four weeks Alexia Genta, owner of London’s high fashion atelier, Alexia Alterations, has launched Géraldine London, an online business specializing in chic, handmade headbands. She’ll be donating 20% of proceeds to the charity Women’s Aid’s appeal Live Chat, aimed at giving women experiencing domestic abuse online expert help.

“This business would never have happened but for the COVID-19 situation,” says Alexia. “It is very much something that has risen out of adversity. As an owner of an alteration atelier, I spend my life looking at tricks to make women look their best – I find that headbands do this beautifully. That said, business for the sake of business no longer feels natural. I can hardly imagine the fear for women suffering from domestic abuse. While social distancing is to keep us all safe, it is clearly putting their lives at risk – I feel I have to do whatever I can to help.”

Alexia Alterations, Welcome Géraldine London

Alexia Alterations has become a go-to destination for celebrities, business leaders, and fashionistas since launching just two years ago. From tailoring jeans or your favorite cocktail dress to customizing your wedding dress, Alexia and her brilliant team are there to help. Finding a good seamstress to re-imagine your wardrobe shouldn’t be hard to find, Alexia Alterations is here to help fill that gap. We only hope they expand to our US market soon!

For those of you lucky enough to be in the London area, check them out when they reopen!

COVID-19 Response

Now, being forced to temporarily close in the wake of COVID-19 Alexia is leveraging her fashion acumen and upcycling luxury fabrics for Géraldine London to create headbands.

Using materials from her couture alterations and made-to-measure projects, Alexia is not only supporting the too-many women confined to abuse in their home, but she’s also using this creative new business to support her staff.

“This is also helping to support my seamstress during the lockdown as I can’t put her on furlough because she’s a freelance worker.  I’m able to pay her, reuse these beautiful, pristine fabrics, and also give some of the money to help women who are suffering so terribly as a result of the lockdown.”

The business name is a tribute to her father Gérald Genta, universally acknowledged as the world’s greatest watch designer, who, during his lifetime, worked with his wife and business partner, Evelyne, to design some of the world’s most famous watches.

She says: “My dad had a very creative mind and an eye for beauty and my mum has a business mind. I’ve always thought that I’m very lucky to have a bit of both. I know that I’ve inherited a very pragmatic mindset from my mum, who just gets things done. Once I’ve decided to do something, I like to get it done today, not tomorrow.”

Thanks to this entrepreneurial spirit, Géraldine London is now live at with unique and beautiful headbands for women that will also help less fortunate women.

Our Take

I mean… what’s not to love? Headbands are back. You don’t need me to tell you that. We love seeing a business pivot in times of peril. Alexia’s ability to repurpose the materials she and her team already had on hand is a brilliant way to make a quick change to the revenue model without any startup cost. But most importantly, this small, yet mighty business is supporting an often overlooked result of this global lockdown, domestic abuse. No one should ever, ever feel unsafe in her home. We must support each other, our neighbors near and far in the wake of this crisis and never forget we’re all living out this new normal very differently. Thank you, Alexia, for shining a bright light on this critical reality.

I for one will take time this weekend to check in on our neighbors, call a loved one and buy a headband that supports both this badass entrepreneur and those women living through each day in fear and waiting for this lockdown to be over.

Head on over to their site or IG: @geraldinelondon_ // @alexiaalterations

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