Our Top 5 Apps For Working Remotely

By Emily Elmore | 3 April 2020

These are unprecedented times, and many are now working from home. There’s actually a major dip in air pollution with the global reduction in daily commuting. As businesses ramp up remote operations, there are a few indispensable apps available for working from home.


Why we love it: Keep your team members in constant communication without cluttering email inboxes.
It also has video calling, file sharing, and integrations with other tools like Google Calendar and Jira. But, at its core, it’s a simple way to talk in groups or one-on-one in real time.

How to use it: Get the inside scoop here.

Google Hangouts

Why we love it: We use Google calendar, and all of our virtual meetings are scheduled there. It’s a seamless transition to create the event, select “video conference” and a Google Hangouts link is generated. Takes the guesswork out of scheduling conference calls. Users accept the invite and can access the hangout link directly from their calendar. Voilà!

How to use it: Learn the ways of Hangouts.

Google Drive

Why we love it: Google has been at this a long time. If you use any other Google apps or integrations (Google Analytics? Calendar? Ads? Search Console? Hangouts? Gmail?) then using Drive is a no-brainer. Your business can share its Drive with employees and anyone can create documents. There’s word processing, number crunching, slide decks, capability to add notes and track changes, link directly within the article and share inside or outside your network.

How to use it: Drive is amaaazing.


Why we love it: Canva is great for creative that can be distributed across digital channels. As we all work from home, we’re finding that we’re designing more digital marketing assets and much of that can be distributed across social media and newsletters. Canva has many templates designed by professionals. It’s an excellent option for creating digital assets that keep your business top of mind in the digital space.

How to use it: Design like it’s your job.


Why we love it: HubSpot’s all-in-one marketing, sales, and service platform is built to help you implement inbound marketing that allows your entire team –marketing, sales, and services — to work off the same system of record. This allows for a smoother handoff between marketing, sales and services, and a more unified experience for your customers. Draft, schedule, and track all the things.

How to use it: Getting started with CRM.

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