New Updates in the Money App

Designed to make tracking your spending easier

Plan for every payment.

Start with a budget calculated from the history of your connected accounts. Organized it to create a plan that helps you reach your goals.

Daily Money Check-Ins

Take a moment to pay attention to your mind. Understand the why to feel better about your money with daily check-ins. Why? When we practice daily, digestible financial habits, we’re 10x more likely to achieve our financial goals. Also, when we pay attention to our habits and behavioral trends, we’re 10x more likely to save.

Track how you feel, see how you spend.

With greater Insights, you’ll bring more meaning to your money. Once you connect an account with, you’ll be able to swipe right (positive), left (negative), and up (neutral) on all of your transactions. The more you swipe, the more comprehensive your data gets. money app will continue to focus on:

In-app Money Coaching

With, your very own financial coach will work with you to navigate debt, income streams, or get creative with your savings goals. (Remember, they’re not advisors, just coaches with the experience to help you on the sidelines.)


Scroll the Community feed to find answers, compare strategies, and get inspired. There are plenty of fellow navigators out there on their own financial journeys. By learning from each other, we develop and improve our own healthy money habits. That’s where community comes in.

Learning together

Community allows you to:

  • Discover new ways to manage your spending
  • Compare your financial routine with others
  • Learn through financial literacy quizzes
  • Find out how others are feeling about their finances

Transaction Swiping

Meet transaction swiping: Become more in tune with how you feel about your spending. Review and reflect on every purchase, connecting the cost of what you pay financially with what it costs you emotionally.

Tracking Progress

Surprise, surprise but a credit score is NOT a true reflection of your financial well-being. That’s why you can track your progress and monitor your ability to overcome financial obstacles through the FinWell score. Use it to plan your next financial moves and set new money goals. Why? According to a study at Wake Forest University, participants who were allowed identify a step-by-step plan of how they would achieve their were less anxious about it and more likely to accomplish their goals.

Personalized Money Portrait

Go beyond the surface and numbers to identify your values, beliefs, and personality that affect how you like to spend, save, and grow. Money Portrait is created by answering questions to help us understand who you are. You’ll answer questions like “how would your friends describe you?” and decide whether you see the future as exciting or scary in order to establish a baseline for your emotions, values, and personality. 

According to Founder, Erin Papworth, “Self-awareness is the first step to personal growth. As you start to understand your approach to life and money, you are able to better identify your triggers, your priorities and how your money can work for you. helps you dig deeper into who you are and how you show up to the proverbial money management table.”


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