Navigating Mercury Rx

It’s that time of year again. Just when 2019 was really about to take off, the universe laid on its timely and inevitable Mercury retrograde. For those unaware of this cosmic curse, this astrological transit is known for causing miscommunication, flight cancellations, and in our case, lots of lost cash.
From March 5th until the 28th, Mercury will be moving backwards (a.k.a. retrograding) in Pisces—the watery sign of daydreamy fantasies—so expect to feel a little cloudy for the next three weeks. But before you start withdrawing all your bills and stashing them under your mattress, take a breath. It’s actually not that bad.
When Mercury, the planet of communication, changes pace, we’re being asked to slow down—to rethink, reconfigure, and edit. Let this month be a lesson that your personal growth (and the balance in your bank account) isn’t linear. Sometimes we have to go backwards to go forward.
Here’s some advice for each sign to survive the retrograde.
As the first sign in the zodiac, you’ve never been one to slow down. Unfortunately, you don’t really have a choice this month (or at least, progress may not happen the way you envision it). Rather than shooting off in all directions, take time to sit with yourself and make a checklist of things that can catalyze your dream fulfillment. On Wednesday, Uranus enters your house of income. Use this newfound intuition to visualize your future self cashing checks at the bank. Come April, you’ll be better equipped to make those big money moves.
This retrograde Mercury moves into your house of friendship. With whom do you need to make amends? Make a clear decision to forgive any miscommunication this month, especially when it comes to money. Does a girlfriend owe you her share of last week’s dinner bill? Give her a little grace and only the gentlest of nudges. Huge changes are headed your way March 6th, so focus on you and what you bring to your relationships, rather than what others can give.
Money and magic should be your mantra this month twin Gem’. With major ups and downs still lingering from 2018, this retrograde plans to spruce up your career life by bringing changes to the public sector of your chart. People are going to see you in a whole new light. Alongside Uranus livening up your spirituality, things are going to get pretty mystical. Avoid any skepticism about the positivity rolling in.
For someone who has pretty intense gut feelings, the next few weeks of slow reevaluation are going to make you even wiser. The New Moon on the 6th is in your sister sign Pisces and will give you all the inspiration you need to travel, travel, travel. Think nice and hard about where you want to jet to next, because it’ll give you the lessons you’re asking for. Take note if you feel a surge of hope and independence after the 5th.
Oh little fire lion, how vulnerable are you willing to be to get where you want? These next few weeks, the retrograde will be shining light on that big heart of yours and revealing it to those closest to you. Show them how real you are while Mercury reworks your areas of honesty and responsibility. Once Uranus makes its big moves on the 6th, you can expect HUGE shifts in your work life and money.
So Virgo…which ex is texting you? Retrogrades are known for reuniting ghosts of lovers past, but be careful who you give your time and money to this month. Use the reconnection as a way to revisit what you want in life. On the 6th, Uranus moves into your house of travel and education. Think BIG. Who do you want to see the world and learn with?
If things are feeling hectic, use it as a signal to slow down and reorganize. This is the month to list out your priorities. At the top of them should be your wellness. How much of your budget do you dedicate to your health and personal growth? It’s okay to grant yourself a weekend trip or even a yoga retreat. You deserve it all.
Knowing you, it’s probably too late to tell you not to text your ex. You either already are, or have sworn off them for good. For someone who can be pretty bitter about giving second chances, this retrograde is asking you to reconsider. Were you too quick to block an ex or friend zone a potential date? Let go of any expectations and open yourself up to a new journey.
Things have been on the up and up with you since the start of this year, but the last few days might have felt a bit hazy. With all your optimism, it’s important to remember that you can’t have the good without the bad. Use this time to stay grounded and remember that local travel can be just as enlightening as foreign travel. After the 6th, your main focus should be your health and rejuvenation.
Take some time to gather your thoughts and process any big changes or news that has come your way this month. If you feel wrapped up in drama, make a conscious decision to step out of it. Now isn’t the time to run from the practical world (not that you ever have). Step up to the plate without all the extra pressure you like to lay on yourself.
With your eclectic thoughts and aura, you’re always the guru of the group. But lately your abstract thoughts have led you to think a lot about your relationship with money. Make an effort to rein it in and be more financially responsible during this retrograde. How can you be more mindful with your money? Mercury will be asking you to forget about the material world and understand it in new and more intriguing ways.
Happy birthday sweet Pisces, and welcome to your month of regeneration. As Mercury backstrokes through your sign of fantasy, you’re feeling motivated to not only speak your truth, but to understand what your truth is and where it comes from. Your confidence is evolving along with how you envision your future identity. What part of you wants to be seen this month?

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