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Nav.it Partners with Women-Led Wednesday

SEATTLE, WA, November 18, 2019 – The female-focused money management platform, Nav.it, announced today its partnership with Women-Led Wednesday, an annual shopping holiday and directory spotlighting women-led businesses, to bring more consumers direct access to products made by women. Nav.it users will have direct, in-app access to exclusive deals from the over 300 women-owned business hosted on Women-Led Wednesday’s directory. 

“Our users are often looking for ways to support female-forward products, this partnership will give them exposure to the growing companies led by women. It also promotes Nav.it’s mission to maximize monthly savings by providing users with more affordable deals on products they love,” says Maia Monell, Co-founder and CMO of Nav.it. Nav.it’s growing popularity amongst women in the US illustrates the lack of financial products and services tailored to the female experience. As life expenses like family planning and the notorious Pink Tax force women to spend more cautiously, Nav.it is driven to help users save more, make more, and feel confident in their financial journey. 

Women-Led Wednesday is an annual shopping holiday and robust brand directory that aims to elevate women in leadership in efforts to create a more gender-balanced economy. The Women-Led Wednesday holiday occurs annually the day before U.S. Thanksgiving, this year on November 27th, with the primary goal of encouraging consumers to shop consciously and use collective purchasing power to support brands that are already led by women. The directory supports the effort with and ever growing collection of over 300 women-led brands making it easy for the public to search, discover and shop.

“We’re thrilled to join forces with Nav.it to improve financial literacy amongst our network of female founders and women overall,” commented Women-Led Wednesday founder and Wild Rye CEO, Cassie Abel.  “Through this partnership, we’re looking to further educate the public on the importance of shopping women-led brands, and making it easy for them to vote for women in leadership with hard-earned dollars.”

This Women-Led Wednesday, help us to once and for all close the gender wealth gap by supporting the next generation of financially-focused leaders. Download Nav.it for free and start shopping female-owned brands, while planning your way to financial freedom. 

About Nav.it 
Nav.it is a money management tool for women who run the world and want to be prosperous on their own terms. Nav.it’s native app will help you set up your finances to achieve the lifestyle you want to lead. Learn more and download the app at navit.io

About Women Led Wednesday 
Women-Led Wednesday is a nationwide campaign designed to encourage consumers to support women-led brands during the holiday shopping season and beyond. The second annual Women-Led Wednesday will take place on Wednesday, November 27, 2019. The campaign supports women – cis-women, women-identified, and non-binary/genderqueer brand leaders –  entrepreneurs and those in leadership positions in efforts to create a more gender-balanced economic landscape. Our mission is simple: support women in leadership. Visit WomenLedWednesday.com for more information.

We’re changing the narrative around money but change can’t happen with a one-sided conversation. Send us an email and let us know what you think. And remember the nav.it money app offers you free tools for checking in and managing your money moves.

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