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SEATTLE (May 23, 2020) –, the personalized banking and finance app that uses behavioral science to foster financial wellness, announced today a partnership with premier astrologist, Nymph of Neptune. The partnership will provide users, or Nav.igators, an opportunity to explore their financial behaviors through the lens of their astrological signs. Nymph of Neptune brings Nav.igators a pragmatic approach to ancient astrological practice through a monthly column in the blog. users will also get 10% off of Nymph of Neptune one-on-one coaching.

“We all need to better embrace our relationship with our money. There’s never one path to follow and often our emotions dictate our reactions to financial scenarios. This is a newfound way to consider how and why we behave differently each month,” said co-founder and CMO Maia Monell. “Sometimes we need a different approach to understanding our behaviors, especially for those of us who can’t quite hack an hour’s worth of meditation when we’re feeling stressed and anxious. Whether you’re in search of a fun mental reprieve or you’re a serious astrology-buff, our Nav.igators can leverage Nymph of Neptune’s insights as another way of exploring financial behaviors in the pursuit of total wellness.”

Financial wellness is deeply rooted in self-knowledge. Nymph of Neptune’s founder, Hedy Mowinckel, says she is “excited to collaborate with Navit and to translate the empowering astrology of 2020 to help users reach new levels of financial health plus abundance!”

The collaboration with couldn’t come at a better time as she describes, “We have a unique chance over the next six weeks to transform our relationship to wealth. Venus, the planetary ruler of money, love, relationships and the divine feminine is now retrograde until the end of June. This is a rare bi-annual transit that if harnessed properly, can pave the way for healthier financial stories in our lives! As Venus rules the divine feminine, we’re being asked to rewrite our financial habits in a less than typical fashion – through the body, through beauty, and through grounding down into self-love.

“Astrologically, our behavioral patterns with money and our relationship to ourselves are deeply intertwined. Traditional society separates these two facets of our lives, but so much financial wisdom can be divined from our levels of self-esteem. The body is our primary connection to the source, to the material world. How we treat our bodies and prioritize self-care reveals much about how we prioritize our financial health, and it affects our ability to call in greater wealth.”

Hedy further explains, “This Venus retrograde is offering us the chance to rewire our subconscious patterns with money if we can lean into healing our own broken stories of self-love.”

Nymph of Neptune has created 12 Venus retrograde guides for each of the signs, complete with detailed insights to the complex astrological climate of 2020, horoscopes, and journaling prompts, all aimed to help clients rewrite their financial story and call in greater abundance in all its forms.

About Money launched in 2019 to change the narrative around money to be inclusive, positive and practical. Using the best techniques in behavioral science, behavioral economics, and AI-driven technology, offers an app and integrated banking platform designed to help people learn about their finances, organize and manage their money, and find a community that talks about what financial health means to them. Each tool delivers on’s top priorities to pay down debt, automate savings, track spending and learn how to more optimistically navigate your financial future. is available for download from the App Store and Google Play. Learn more and sign up for the newsletter at

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About Nymph of Neptune

In 2012 during a turbulent period in her life, Nymph of Neptune turned to astrology for clarity. She discovered the intricate world of Moon, Venus, Mercury and Mars signs that together make up our extraordinary personal birth chart. Through unveiling the traits of your unique planetary placements, astrology sessions with Nymph of Neptune promise to unlock hidden potential for growth, and spark innovative ways to move past any obstacles that prevent you from shining your true light on the world.

Nymph of Neptune is founded on a desire to translate the ancient wisdom of the universe in order to maximize the power of your free will. Sessions can be carried out in either English, French, or Italian. Learn more and connect with the Nymph of Neptune at

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