Money App Focuses on Community

28 September 2020

The Nav.It money app has always had useful money management tools (like budgeting, account aggregation, and expense tracking) to enable your financial wellness, but starting today you can now share your financial goals and engage other nav.igators with our biggest update of the year. 

With our upgraded Community feed, it’s easier to nav.igate your financial wellness and connect with others their finances.  You will be able to see and encourage public savings goals and continue learning through financial literacy quizzes and articles authored by money experts​. Financial goals remain at the heart of the new feed with Auto-Saves being prominently displayed so your efforts get the ❤️ they deserve. 

Why the focus on community? knows that a sense of community improves overall mental and emotional well-being. Encouragement and knowledge from others will keep users motivated throughout their financial journey improving their financial wellness. The redesigned page also encourages mindful money routines while seamlessly drawing together money management and financial literacy.

Privacy Protected.

User privacy is protected, with posts falling under anonymous “money mantras” instead of usernames. Follow savings goals and spending trends to reinforce positive money mindsets and financial behaviors that improve wealth outcomes over time.

How to get started?

After downloading the app, nav.igate to the community tab from the top menu. From there, you can scroll different status cards which are color-coded to annotate different topics and activities.

Tap a heart to ‘like’ a status, or select the card to learn more. Read an article, test your knowledge, or create your own auto-savings goal directly from the community board! Check it out:

Financial wellness starts here. You’ve got this, Nav.igator, and we got you. Let’s!

Note from the editor: We’re trying to change the narrative around money but change can’t happen with a one-sided conversation. That’s why we’re excited to bring different voices and experts to share their wisdom. Send us an email and let us know what you think. And remember the money app offers you free tools for checking in and managing your money moves.

You can download it at Google Play and the Apple Store.

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