Delivers Powerful Mindset Subscription Release to Build Better Money Habits

Today, announces the release of its powerful subscription service, Mindset, designed to help users spend less, save more, and pay down high-interest debt. These next-generation features showcase’s mission to foster financial well-being for all.

Since the height of COVID 19-related lockdowns, has been providing free integrated financial services designed to foster financial well-being and increase access to financial tools and resources for its users with the best techniques in behavioral science, behavioral economics, and AI-driven technology. 

Free users will continue to have access to the Community, daily Check-Ins (their money mindfulness practice), account aggregation, and Transaction Swiping. With the subscription, users will have upgraded access to industry-leading features designed to improve financial habits and confidence, advancing the company’s promise of making financial well-being more accessible.

Erin Papworth, Co-Founder and CEO

Features Designed to Foster Financial Well-Being

Unlimited potential begins with Insight

First introduced in November 2020, the Mindset feature enables daily mindfulness practice and self-reporting. Users have been able to track what they feel and why. Now, through data reporting, Insight expands on this daily money practice. Breakthrough technology combines how much you spent, where you spent it, how you categorized your stress level, and how your transactions made you feel.

Combined with the tight integration of daily, weekly, and monthly balances, Mindset Insights now enables users to understand the why to feel better about spending and saving.

Paint a Money Portrait

Users will identify how they like to spend, save, and grow to expand their understanding of what motivates their money habits. They’ll connect their emotions, values, and personality to how they manage money.

One-on-One Coaching: Guide to financial well-being.

Users can continue to navigate debt, income streams, or get creative with savings goals with a coach. By discussing financial circumstances and addressing those burning questions without fear, we’re 20x more likely to stay on target. Those with an accountability buddy are 95% more likely to accomplish their goals.

Transaction Swiping: Swipe left and right on transactions and *fall in love* with progress.

By tracking their spending through transaction swiping, users will reduce impulse spending, decrease financial anxiety, and increase the likelihood of accomplishing financial goals. They’ll reflect and take ownership of every purchase they make through simple gestures: swiping left (for negative), up (for neutral), and right (for positive). They’ll connect the cost of what they’re paying financially with what it costs emotionally.

Finwell Score: Track the ability to tackle financial obstacles.’s Financial Well-being Score provides a more in depth look at financial well-being and resilience through targeted measures and goals.

Budgets: Plan for every payment. 

Balance lifestyle and money habits with’s custom budgets. Users can view daily, weekly, and monthly budgets at a glance. With the ability to reorganize spending, personalized budgeting not only tracks spending habits but improves mental accounting.

Auto-Saves: Save towards any goal, automatically, with a savings account. takes the stress out of saving with the best roadmap to reach savings with Auto-Save. FDIC-insured savings accounts allow users to capitalize on automation, accomplish their money goals, and grow wealth over time.

Pricing and Availability: Users pay what they want.

Because has full faith in the value provided by the Mindset subscription, we ensure that the app is cost-effective for everyone. Users can begin improving their money habits for as little as $4/month.

The Mindset subscription is available to download for Android and Apple users.


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