Nav.It Announces New Partner: roooted

13 August 2020

It takes a team. From our app developers and our writers, to the community on social media trolling our posts and keeping us on our toes, we are lucky to be expanding. But we know you need more.

And since we’re committed to bringing you all the tools to make confident money moves, we’re announcing our partnership with roooted. (Yes, that’s spelled correctly.) You can have all the money tools in your tool belt, but your money isn’t operating in a vacuum. It helps to know what’s going on in the finance world and frankly, most Wall Street reporters make our eyelids heavy.

roooted is the exception and we are excited to host weekly briefs to help our nav.igators manage money confidently . We sat down with Ilana, the founder, for a proper introduction.

Welcome roooted:’s news brief partner.

First things first. Why the extra “o”?

Because we want you to be more than rooted. You’re extra roooted.

What does being “roooted” even mean?

To me, it means being aware of the immense impact money has on my life and on the world around me. I think the trickiest part is putting that awareness into practice. Save, spend, and invest in ways that align with your values.

What is roooted anyway?

We’re a newsletter and community dedicated to making money cool. For most people, when thinking about finance, “cool” is not exactly the first word that comes to mind. We’re trying to change that.

Who’s behind the roooted?

Ilana Seidl of roooted

I’m Ilana! I graduated a few months ago from Tulane, where I studied Computer Science, Psychology, and the art of email writing. I founded roooted, a financial wellness newsletter + community, because coming up with creative ways to breakdown intimidating topics really lights my fire.

Personally, I like to make things and work with companies, like, that combine my interests in technology, money, and innovation. But, if you’re asking about where I work-work… I’m currently in the process of figuring out life post-college/during COVID. I’ll get back to you! 🙂

Where did you begin?

roooted began slowly. It was formed over many iced-coffee dates with friends and late-night conversations about our hopes, dreams, and fears. Over time, the collective link between those exchanges became clear: money. Our future seemed to rely on the subject and yet, it was an entirely avoided topic. roooted became my way of designating a space for honest, relatable conversations about money and the world around us.

Why do you think financial literacy is important?

Through financial literacy, we can begin to chip away at systems that have continuously kept people out. Money is empowering and gives us the options and opportunities to shape our lives. As history has proven, it’s much easier to do what you want when you have the resources to do so.

Just to reiterate, what’s your goal with roooted again?

To grow a community of socially-conscious investors and spenders that believe money is the coolest, most powerful tool for change.

Shower us with a little praise now. Why is Nav.It a good fit?

I am so excited about because our values align so closely.‘s focus on building tools centered around inclusivity and financial wellness just FEELS so right.

What’s most exciting about it to date?

Our community has grown to over one-thousand people who are truly excited about financial wellness. Oh… and it’s actually making money! 🙂

Where can we follow you on social?

Instagram is the place! @roootedhq

Can anyone contribute to writing?

Yes! We’re always looking for ways to expand our message and feature different voices. If you’re interested, email me at

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Check out the first edition of a brief from roooted here

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