the Market: Christmas Edition 2019

PSA- experts are claiming this decade was one of the best on record for US markets. Awesome. There’s no time like the present to dive in. 

But as our last market recap of the season, we thought we’d review the best-performing stocks of the last 10 years. The S&P 500 returned about 185 percent in the last decade– some stocks returned 20 times that amount. It’s clear technology dominated this decade as consumers demanded more efficiency than ever before. The rise of cloud infrastructure made semiconductors the best-performing industry of the decade. 

Here’s a list of those S&P mega-winners…

#1 Netflix. The giant streaming service returned a shocking 3,726.2 percent in 10 years. The pioneer in streaming disrupted an entire industry (remember Blockbuster?) to provide more convenience at a cheaper price. You know you’ve done your job when even Apple is trying to enter the demand you’ve generated. 

#2 MarketAxess Holdings at 2,770 percent is the primary online corporate bond trading marketplace. While we’ve been trading stocks online for a while, the bond market is more difficult to access. This platform allows institutional investors and brokers to trade bonds. Their market value? A cool $14.01 billion. While they claimed a top spot in this past decade, analysts are wary of its downturn in the new decade. 

#3 ABIOMED at 2,009 percent is a medical implant company. With a fast-growing aging population, firms like this giant are doing well in the implant space. Think less Nip/Tuck, more grandpa’s open-heart surgery. While the space is hot, ABIOMED is facing serious losses as of November as new research raises questions about the company’s trademark heart pumps. 

#4 Broadcom at 1,983 percent is a ‘chip stock’ in that semiconductor space I mentioned above. At the start of 2010, Broadcom’s stock was priced at $17, it’s now sitting happily around $327 a share. Stay tuned on its long-term growth as the company is in the market for buyers of its radio-frequency business (valued at $10 billion). 

#5 Regeneron Pharmaceuticals at 1,827 percent is (you guessed it) in the pharma space. They’re a biotech company focused on our aging population and our country’s serious issue with cholesterol. They’re tackling inflammation one McDonald’s at a time. 

#6 United Rentals at 1,557 percent is in the rental game. Not like Airbnb, in the much more lucrative side of industrial and construction equipment. Remember, it’s often the least ‘sexy’ tech that serves the greatest purpose in the most booming industries (those that aren’t directly customer-facing). 

#7 Take-Two Interactive Software at 1,499 percent produces those video games you can’t get your SO to put down in time for dinner. With studios and publishing labels, the gaming market is quickly resembling the Hollywood titans. 

#8 TransDigm Group at 1,435 percent will take you to the moon. Maybe. They’re the leader in aerospace components and systems. They are the provider for nearly all commercial and military aircraft services. Dare I say it’s a monopoly? The US government is putting together an audit of the company and its pricing strategy (/ abuse?) on the taxpayer… 

#9 Align Technology at 1,432 percent is giving you a better smile. Seriously, a medical device company focused on orthodontic and restorative treatment is actually on our top list. While they had a solid decade, look out for how they’ll attack a growing international market and how new digital imagery disrupts the dentist’s need for old-style impressions. 

#10 NVIDIA at 1,412 percent manufactures high-end graphics processors and chips used in several new spaces (like gaming, crypto and autonomous driving). It saw a similar spike to Broadcom as another chip stock in the high-performing industry. 

Who’s winning outside of the S&P’s tech space? Can you say, ‘extra toppings, please?’ Dominos is bringing home the bacon (or err, pepperoni?) this holiday season. 

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