Meet our new Product and Customer Success Manager, Amanda Tchangoum.

Meet Amanda, our new Product and Customer Success Manager

We’re so excited to grow our small but mighty team of (mostly) women hoping to empower other women with financial knowledge to build their wealth. Meet Amanda Tchangoum, our new Product and Customer Success Manager (which means our app just got that much cooler). 

What excites you most about

Everything! I really look forward to understanding my finances better so I can help myself and other women demystify this thing called money. I want to have a better relationship with my money. I have a one in a million chance as a user and a product manager of the app to be on both sides of the coin. Hopefully this makes it easier for me to understand and provide solutions to our users’ pain points. 

Have you encountered any boys’ club mentalities on your career journey?

I have definitely worked at companies with those mentalities but I never really cared much for it because I’ve just always done my own thing, focused on what was required of me in my role and as a professional, and once I walk out of the building at the end of the day, I put all the negativity behind me. 

That is why I am really excited about companies like built BY women FOR women, where I care because I feel like I am making an impact.

How do you think about your financial health?

I think of it as a marathon and not a race. I recently started caring about my financial health, and it is amazing to understand and see how money works. I am absolutely enjoying becoming financially responsible. I cannot wait to improve on my financial literacy, so I can share what I learn with other women and younger generations of women.

What’s your best #moneymove? 

Re-selling items in my closet. I have purchased a lot of clothes over the years. Then one day it hit me: instead of letting them sit around after wearing them once, I might as well resell them so another boss lady can get the most out of it like I did. 

So I started live auctions on my Instagram page. It has been my best money move so far because the extra income has really come in handy in the past few months and I love the idea of putting a smile on another woman’s face.

What will you always splurge on? 

Travel, without a doubt! I have been to 28 countries and islands so far. There is just something about being immersed in different cultures, I’m obsessed with it. I believe it helps me be a better human, plus getting beautiful pictures for my Instagram is a sweet bonus. 

Online shopping as well but that is an addiction I am trying to do away with, especially now that i have started monitoring my spending habits with this app

What’s something you still don’t understand about money?

I would say APR on credit cards and other forms of interest in general. Also, the big T, taxes. Which is why I really look forward to gaining more knowledge on those while using the app!

What is your 2020 money mindset?

The only BS we’re putting up with in 2020 are Budgeting & Saving, sis!

We’re changing the narrative around money but change can’t happen with a one-sided conversation. That’s why we’re excited to bring different voices and experts to share their wisdom. Send us an email and let us know what you think. And remember the money app offers you free tools for checking in and managing your money moves. You can download it at Google Play and the Apple Store.

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