Is the Grass Always Greener?

We don’t know about you, but we’re those people who, no matter what we’re doing, or how happy we are, when we hear of other people’s travel plans and don’t have any immediate ones of our own, go straight into existential-crisis mode.
No matter what’s happening in the present, that Instagram post that pops up in between snapshots of your friends’ engagement pics and ultrasounds suddenly makes you feel like your life will be wholly unfulfilled until you, too, can’t go see that really cool door in Samarkstand, Uzbekistan.
Suddenly, a thing you didn’t know existed until five minutes ago feels unattainable and is giving you heartburn.
You know what they say about social media. It doesn’t accurately represent people’s lives, and actually makes us depressed and dumb. But when it comes to travel, many of us are masochists.
We tune out the truths we know. We see meticulously chosen travel photos from accounts we follow and allow a part of ourselves to believe the snapshots are representative of the subjects’ entire lives.
That photo you saw of that girl running through a flower field on Instagram? Yep, she’s still there – just perpetually in that field, spinning in circles wearing that amazing 18th century-looking dress, while the Goddess of Extra takes pictures from the sky. Let’s be clear, ladies. No one is ever accidentally caught laughing alone in Portrait Mode.
We at (travel-masochists that we admittedly are) want to take the FOMO out of social media. We are building a community of female travelers, for female travelers. And with that community will come what we like to call a real Instagram. A feed for real travel, real experiences and most importantly, real connections with women globally.
Avert your eyes from the perfectly curated feed of professionals, and instead, learn about the world through your fellow women. Meet each other. Use social media to socialize. Get each other’s tips. Budget for your trip with, and share your actual experiences with women who want to hear all about them.
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