Humans Vs. COVID-19 | Weekly Wins #1

Every day seems to be a small battle in the fight to defeat COVID-19. And yet, each day we hear new stories of the best of humanity. Stories that give us hope, stories that make us laugh, stories that remind us that we humans are still capable of love, kindness, and compassion. So, our team thought we’d highlight those “wins” each week. No matter how big or small, if it was a win for you, it was a win for us. We’ve got this.

Wins From Home

Dance, Dance, Baby. As millions of Americans are confined to their homes, many to their negative-square-foot apartments, couples and families are looking for new ways to, well, stay sane. Some fun Nav.igators are turning up the tunes and implementing a 10 min, mandatory dance party after their workday. I tried it last night, it’s now mandatory for my home as well.

Get Your Head In The Game. Another family of Nav.igators dusted off an old soccer ball and headed to the park. They practiced distancing while picking up some mad new skillzzz. While I don’t have a soccer ball, I do have a tennis racket. I took to my garage door for some needed stress relief.

Buy Local (online). Local news outlets, like the parent company of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, are supporting local businesses by setting up websites for businesses to allow patrons to purchase gift cards in lieu of store visits.

Where finance & sports collide! Ok, honestly we’re just too excited not to mention our big win this week. We are honored to formally announce our partnership with two of the most badass Olympians in sports right now. Learn more about Daga and Maggie and their (now postponed) road to Tokyo. Look out for them on the app and stay tuned for more updates about our new teammates soon.

Oh, and our CEO finally has an office. All the #singlemoms out there know this is the WIN of all time while school is indefinitely out. Her teammates are pretty thrilled about this one, too.

Wins from Afar

Tranquility in Tunes. 20 Dutch musicians strung together a beautiful Beethoven melody from their own homes. I mean… that’s the coolest thing to hit our inboxes. What do you think?

Free Pantries are the new libraries. Those adorable free libraries you may or may not have seen sprouting up across the world are getting a new purpose. People are sharing their spare toilet paper and non-perishables. See, the everyday human really does care for those in need.

Star-cross lovers are reunited. While most nations are shutting down boarders, many of our long-distance lovers hopped ship to their loved ones and are now finding themselves reunited for an extended period of bliss together. From London to Darr, we LOVED hearing about the unforeseen ways COVID has united those who have to love from afar.

Wins From the Frontlines

China’s tech giant, Xiaomi, sent crates of masks to Italy this week. Stapled to the side of the crates was a line of beautiful poetry by the ancient Roman poet, Seneca translated to: “We are waves from the same sea, leaves from the same tree, and flowers from the same garden.”

The United Service Organizations (USO) in Pensacola, FL set up a drive-through to provide their local families with spring break ‘kits’ which included a variety of activities for kids now confined to their homes and saving their parents a trip to the nearest toy or convenient store (where kids touch EVERYTHING).

And lastly, can we take a moment to THANK those on the frontlines of this pandemic? One Nav.igator this week celebrated a huge win by securing a batch of new test kits for her state. While we’re trying to stay contained, these front liners are in the thick of things, making shit happen. In all honestly, our depiction of the first-responder has completely altered during this crisis. Along with the heroic health care workers, police force, firefighters and more traditional “first-response” teams, we’re also seeing epic efforts from grocery and pharmaceutical workers, government aids and those badass teachers who are trying to command the youths over Zoom. Gods among us all.

Have a personal or professional win that you’re proud of? No matter how big or small, we want to celebrate it. Because these are the stories that will get us through this thing with a little more compassion, a little more inspiration, a little more resilience each and every day. Whether you’re on the frontlines or searching for better news from the comfort of your own home, DM us @letsnavit or email hello@navitmoney.com

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