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How to Pay for College: 6 Tips and Tricks for Finding Scholarships for College

by Ashley Hill | 15 December 2020

With the rising costs of education, scholarships have become a great way to continue and pursue studies in spite of financial difficulties.

While it’s recommended to send in your scholarship applications at the soonest time possible, it is not too late to start your search.

Below are some helpful tips on how to find last-minute scholarships so you can reach your goals and become financially resilient, empowered early while studying.

Contact Your School

The counselor in your university or college might know the scholarships that your school awards to students as well as scholarships you might be eligible for. It will be a big plus if your grades are good as this will make it easier for you to meet the eligibility standards set by most scholarships. 

If you are still a high school student, you can schedule an appointment with the guidance counselor. They may have some literature regarding scholarships you might not be aware of together with suggestions for application. Look into scholarships from organizations in your local community and national scholarships as well. 

Look into Scholarships from the Employer of Your Parents 

Most of today’s large companies provide their employees with tuition reimbursement programs, and scholarships for the children of employees are also very common. Ask your parents to know if these programs are available in their workplace.

Inquire with Your Own Employer 

In case you have been working a part-time job in one company for the past several years, there is a chance that you might be qualified for a tuition reimbursement if your major in college is related to your job or can help you move up the career ladder. Consult the handbook for employees or ask your supervisor. 

Use the Internet to Your Advantage

Make the most out of your tablet, laptop or smartphone and start searching online. When it comes to finding last minute scholarships, however, it is best that you use only the reliable and trustworthy websites. 

Avoid Scams 

It is sad to see scholarships scams that are out to victimize parents and students. If you are working hard to pay for your education and you want to know how to find last minute scholarships, it can be very tempting to believe things that sound too good to be true. Avoid applying for those scholarships with application fees and don’t spend your own money just to get money. Don’t forget that scholarships are given to eligible students who want to continue with their education. Although these scholarship programs have merit or academic requirements that a student should meet and maintain to receive educational funds every semester, legit programs don’t have financial requirements for recipients. 

Ask, Ask and Ask 

Is there someone you know that might be able and willing to help pay for your education, like a relative with no children or a family friend with a comfortable lifestyle and income? While it might feel awkward to ask, sometimes, it can make a big difference. For all you know, they might agree and say yes to help you with your studies. 

Try to Avoid Student Loans

By using these other methods, you can avoid taking out student loans. But if you need them to pursue your education, try to understand the terms before you sign on the dotted line, and remember if you’re pursuing a graduate degree, you may have more assistance available than you think.

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Ashley is a scholarship strategist so you can avoid dreaded student loans.

Ashley Hill is a scholarship search strategist and author who is passionate about teaching future and current college students how to pay for college without taking on tons of student loan debt. Connect with her at her website or on LinkedIn, Twitter, or Instagram.


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