How to Deal With Financial Stress

Financial stress is real. I’ve felt it and I’m sure, at some point, so have you. But, as always, we don’t run from problems. By now you know, is solution-oriented. And with that said, let’s talk about how to manage financial stress.

The Money Side of Dealing with Financial Stress

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What’s the root of your financial stress?

First things first, it’s important to find and understand the root of your financial stress. Take a real look inward and think; what exactly is causing the most anxiety? Is it credit card debt? Job insecurity? Maybe your car is on 250,000 miles and you’re just waiting for something to go wrong. Finding the source of your stress gives you a focus and a specific problem to fix.

Budgeting: Almost always the answer

Next, let’s talk about budgeting. Yes again. As we’ve said before, there is little in this world that will help you control your finances like having a solid budget in place. Now, don’t misunderstand. This doesn’t mean all work and no play. What a budget does is help you prioritize your spending. This means you can party it up if you have a fund for fun and all your bills are paid. However, you will need to sit down, list your income sources, and track your expenses so you actually know where your money is going and what needs to be addressed to get to that point.

Organization: the key to how to manage financial stress

Now, let’s talk organization. Once you have your financial info together and your budget is established, put a system in place to keep everything in order. This can be anything from a spreadsheet to, oh I don’t know, a mobile app that tracks your transactions and accounts for you. Granted, this isn’t the most glamorous part of money management but having everything at hand, in front of you goes hand and hand with how to deal with financial stress.

The Personal Side of Managing Financial Stress

It’s not just about your bank account. When it comes to stress of any kind, it’s an internal battle as much as anything else.

Help you help yourself

OK, so we’ve tackled the money side of things and have a good plan in place. Let’s talk about you. Yes, you. Self-care is just as much a part of how to deal with financial stress as anything else. Consider taking a walk, watching your favorite show, or vibing out to some good music. Make time for yourself and your joy. You’ll find that it not only helps with dealing with financial stress but stress in general.

Get by with a little help from your friends/family

No man is an island. . .because we’re people. And people are not meant to be alone. Keep a good circle of friends and family around you and don’t be afraid to lean on them. Never underestimate how stress relieving it can be to have a good convo. You never know, you may get a new perspective or key advice that can change everything.

In the end

Never forget, everything happens in seasons. If you practice money mindfulness and do the work, your financial stress will only be temporary. Remember to celebrate small victories and be patient with yourself. As my father would always say to me, this too shall pass.

Well, there we go. Some practical tips on how to manage financial stress and make it out to the other side. Remember, you’re not alone and there’s always a way forward. Take it one step at a time, and before you know it, you’ll be on your way to a brighter, stress-free financial future.

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