How The Nav.It App helps with Financial Resolutions

by Violet Betters

Here’s the bad news first: if this year you were one of the bright-eyed and hopeful people who made a New Year’s resolutions odds may not be in your favor; less than 8% of people stick to their new year’s resolutions.

Now the good news: if you made a financial resolution this year you may be in luck because the app is here to help you keep it (and I’m going to tell you how)! is more than just a tool belt for managing money

You get the tools to manage your money (education, budgeting, savings accounts, money coaches) AND the tools to grow your mindset. With a financial health check and daily mindset check-ins, you gain insight and confidence to navigate your money management.

Not a believer? Navigators who check-in twice weekly have reduced credit card debt.

The Best App for Setting and Tracking Financial Goals is the best app for managing daily expenses while keeping your goals at the forefront of your mind so you can work towards them. gives you the tools to reach your goals with debt repayment calculators, salary renegotiation tools, customizable, automated budgeting and expense tracking so you can send your expense reports to the company and deduct the rest for taxes. With these tools, it is that much easier for you to stay on track and focused.

With automated budgeting in your money app, budgeting has never been easier. is a daily budget app that takes care of details so you can see the bigger picture (and reach your goals!).

Relieving debt stress and managing money is that much easier when you use

Dagmara Wozniak, Olympic Fencer, says “With, money has no longer become a stress in my life in terms of budgeting. When I saw where my money was going, I was able to adjust my spending to work on my bigger goals, like real estate. Finding money I didn’t think I had because I was careless was exciting and inspiring.”

The app is there to show you your own strengths and relieve the stress of the unknown.

Community and Accountability

When you make a financial goal (or any goal for that matter) accountability is a huge part of keeping it. I know that I’ve found that having a gym buddy or study buddy has worked wonders for me and given me that extra push on days where goals seem a little too hard. A buddy sometimes can be the thing that holds you accountable and keeps you on track, and that’s one of the ways factors into your financial resolution… Let be your finance buddy!

You and have a lot in common: you both want you to succeed. It also has a built in community you keep the kind of healthy money mindset that is cohesive to reaching financial goals and having overall financial health. has the community to give you that extra push and remind you of your goal on days where it’s hard and keeps you excited on the other days.

Whatever your financial goal may be, is here to help. The app is a money tracker, keeping you updated on your progress, and helps you build good financial habits through behavioral science and the best financial tools.

2020 was a crazy year by any means and a lot of us may have felt like so much was beyond our control. So let’s make 2021 the year we take back control (on things we can control!). As Maggie Steffens puts it,

“I’m heading into 2021 with wellness in my mind in many ways, one being financial wellness. It’s so hard to feel relaxed and secured during these times. Controlling what we can control and being mindful without money is a small habit we can make toward that wellness, especially as women. [] has been my tool for this inner health and happiness and will help me make moves in 2021.”

January may be already flying by but it’s never too late to make resolutions. If you haven’t already made one, this is your cue! Make a financial resolution and let help!

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