Here’s How You Can Help Hurricane Ida Victims

by Kaitlyn Ranze

Hurricane Ida set records for wind speed and pressure, making landfall in Louisiana Sunday afternoon (August 30, 2021) on the sixteen-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.

For those looking to help Hurricane Ida victims, we have compiled a list of agencies helping out with recovery.

Before breaking out the wallet and check book, remember charity scams proliferate after natural disasters. Give to trusted and mainstream organizations that you can verify through Wise Giving Alliance, the Charity Navigator, or GuideStar.

According to Josh Overmyer, “A great place to give is NVOAD – National Volunteer Organizations Active in Disaster. [It] helps to know it’s a real organization working with the other active organizations and not a scam or a group of ‘do-gooders’ that aren’t plugged into the recovery effort.”

Second, remember that while well-intended, supplies may not be necessary. Check out this article before rushing to donate supplies.

Here’s a list of places assisting victims of Hurricane Ida:

1) Donations and Volunteers: Red Cross

Donate to the Red Cross by heading to or calling 800-RED-CROSS. This will enable the Red Cross to respond to and help people recover from Hurricane Ida. The Red Cross is also accepting volunteers for their most urgently needed positions.

2) Donations and Volunteers: United Way

While the United Way works with local organizations to families get back in their homes, rebuild schools and businesses, they are currently coordinating volunteers. You can donate here.

3) Feeding the people: World Central Kitchen

The World Central Kitchen is prepared to serve 100,000 meals in its three kitchens. Those who wish to help can donate to

4) We’re still in the middle of a pandemic, so Americares is focused on medical relief

Send donations here.

5) Focus on the kids and donate to Save the Children.

Save the Children’s Hurricane Idea Relief fund is focusing on addressing the impact of destroyed infrastructure critical to children’s well-being, including homes, child care centers and transportation. You can donate here.

6) 🐕Don’t forget man’s best friend.🐕

You can donate to:

Humane Society Disaster Relief

Louisiana SPCA

Mississippi ASPCA

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