Title 9 Crush Hour

Finding New Ways to Crush Distancing & Isolation

Weekly Spotlight Series

In honor of our “you’ve got this and we’ve got you” motto, we’re spending these next few COVID-focused weeks highlighting the beauty and resilience of our fearless Nav.igators. Each week we’ll spotlight a business, organization or community that’s closest to your heart to help promote their efforts to combat this pandemic.

Believe me, we know being pent up at home can drive even the best of us a little mad. If you’re lucky enough to be able to work from home, rejoice in the realization that you at least have a computer with deadlines to distract you.

Whether you’re WFH or finding new skills to pass the time, you might also be finding some of your favorite brands have leveraged their digital communities to bring you new insights, community gatherings or even ways to help you optimize, or as Title Nine would say “crush,” your stay-at-home boredom.

Which brings us to the Nav.it COVID Spotlight of the week, Title Nine (or T9). T9 is an athletic apparel company built and made for women. Oh, they were also the very first female athletic apparel company.

As a brand focused on bringing their customers community, their COVID-19 response seeks to bring their community together (virtually of course) in order to create a fun reprieve from the coronavirus-monotony that’s taken over our everyday lives. Each weekday, a member of their team takes to IG to host a Crush Hour, otherwise known as a free workout or coaching session to help everyone who needs an energy-releasing outlet.

True to their name, T9 is creating a healthy, educational, motivating outlet that’s gender-inclusive. Sure, their brand might be made for women, but their purpose is to balance the scales, level the playing field and help everyone find the joy in sport.

So head to their next Crush Hour. We can’t wait to see you there.

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