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Even in the best of economic climates, it’s hard to find brands, resources and people that inspire you. You know, those that make you want to be better, do better, and drive others to do other same. The ones who elevate you to the guy or gal your Mom always intended you to be.

Well, these days it can be a bit of a challenge to not default to the All-Mighty Prime. Who isn’t a sucker for next-day delivery? But in these rocky times, I’m encouraged that most people are living without the comfort of big-box convenience. Instead, we’re honing in on our neighborhood shops and vendors shocked by this ‘new normal.’ We want to support those who have an unforeseen need to immediately adapt within a climate that is altogether hostile to the physical retail space.

As we all seek to hunker down, support local (for real this time), and wait patiently for the magic of the delivery services still supporting us near and far, we’ve come across beautiful businesses leveraging their connections, insights and know-how to support those who are most gravely impacted. These are organizations we can learn from and support as they help connect us to the people who are most vulnerable. Which brings us to today’s Spotlight, Naseku Goods: the premium goods company doing good.

Meet Naseku

Naseku Goods was built around a key mission, “to support those people and their community overcoming hardship.” From conflict zones to those regions devastated by severe weather, Naseku works with entrepreneurs in these areas to sell their goods to us, next-day Prime shoppers, looking for a better way to spend our money on the gifts, goods, and items we love.

We’re seeing firsthand in our own areas how supporting small businesses can impact not just the bottom line, but can elevate the communities served. That’s why Naseku exists, because driving an economy forward in times of adversity is hard. We know this. Building it back from the ground up in a region with limited resources and little spending power is next to impossible. However, by supporting those with a bright idea and a willingness to roll up their sleeves and do the really hard work in the face of such adversity, communities are moving forward. Not only that, they’re thriving through sustainable and profound positive impact, overcoming obstacles, and beginning to once again prosper at their fullest potential.

So head to the site and sign up for a box. Never sweat the deliveries fees for a last-minute gift again. And most importantly, know that the dollars you spend matter. They matter to your neighborhood grocery store, they matter to your local artisan, and they matter to every young man and woman leveraging their badass skills to contribute to their enduring communities, seeking and working towards a better, brighter tomorrow.

PSST! We have a Naseku Giveaway!

Naseku is generously gifting one free box from their March series. And we’re raffling it off to you, Nav.igator!  Here’s how to enter in the raffle (ending May 8th): 

  • Head to your App Store and leave a review. Tell us in a line or two how you’re using to help *nav.igate* this new normal!
  • Tune into our @letsnavit IG, Twitter, or Facebook Page on Friday, May 8th to hear your name drawn from the raffle! 
  • Naseku will send you not one, but 2 boxes if you choose to give one to a frontline COVID-19 responder in your community.

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