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Astrological Insights with Nymph of Neptune

By Hedi Noemi | 9 June 2020

For many, looking to the planets for financial guidance may seem a little far-fetched. However, your astrological birth chart holds more money wisdom than you might think.  The beauty of using astrology to manifest greater wealth relies on turning awareness into transformation. So whether you’re a firm believer in astrology, or simply open to exploring ways to build inner awareness, this month’s Venus Retrograde can deliver hidden insight into your personal health and abundance.

At our time of birth, we each have a unique set of planetary positions that have a profound effect on our life’s patterns. This form of psychological astrology goes beyond popular culture’s conception of astrology. In order to reap the full benefits of this ancient practice, we must leave horoscopes behind and instead dig into the hidden wisdom of planetary placements in our birth charts.

Inner Awareness into Transformation

Contemporary psychological astrology functions on the basis that each planet rules a life area, and the precise mathematical alignment of that planet in relation to other surrounding bodies has a specific psychological effect, in turn causing behavioral patterns.

Venus is the planetary ruler of wealth, as well as love, relationships and beauty. There are valuable financial insights to be gleaned from your own astrological birth chart. By casting a light on your inherent thinking patterns regarding wealth, as well as your relationship to value, astrology can pinpoint your blind spots in order to facilitate a healthier inner monologue regarding money and self-worth. Your subtle inner monologue (that normally goes unchecked) may be sabotaging your ability to amass greater wealth or simply find solid financial stability.

Astrology suggests that our approach to finances and our approach to self-love are intrinsically linked. Abundance has no definitive shape; if we are lacking in one department, the energetic effects will spread to other corners of our lives.

For example, if we suffer from a mysterious, intangible sense of guilt, there is a high likelihood that we are also energetically less able to “receive”. Gratitude is key in being able to receive more abundance in all its forms. As Venus rules self-love as well as money, she can teach us radical new ways of changing our relationship to our finances. Through a method of softening inward, through re-writing our inner monologue, reinforcing the notion that we’re worthy of our wildest dreams of financial abundance, we can find new levels of manifestation. Once we find self-love we can then fully adopt tough-love tactics of disciplined budgeting to reach our goals.

Healing our Relationship to Abundance

Venus is the planet who knows how to get what she wants without lifting a finger. If this sounds like a metaphor, know that the stronger your Venus placement is in your birth chart, the more likely you are to magnetically pull abundance towards you without a struggle.

However, there are many of us for whom our Venus is astrologically weak. Consequently, astrology insights for 2020 are not for the faint of heart. Even now, in the midst of personal hardship due to COVID-19 we are being asked to collectively face our wounds and work together for a more just future. Our collective shadow is more visible now than ever. As society reflects on correcting injustice, the skies are also blessing us with a bi-annual opportunity to heal our hearts and our relationship to abundance.

Venus retrograde happens once every two years and will continue until June 25th. Now is the time to look within, and examine our deeply embedded thought patterns related to our own worth, and re-commit to the pursuit of abundance. To book a 1-1 birth chart reading with Nymph of Neptune and receive detailed insights to your financial habits, get 10% off here.

Nymph of Neptune is an astrologer who works with private clients across the globe to help them reach their highest potential. Astrology sessions carve new pathways that push you past limiting behaviors. Nymph of Neptune maximizes the power of your free will by translating the ancient wisdom of the universe.

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