Fill Your Bank Account with Once-in-a-Lifetime Experiences

It’s not often I take a trip to a new destination without meeting a friend there—preferably a local. This seems like a no-brainer to me, but apparently it’s a hot take. I’ve met plenty of wanderers who tell me that you can’t truly explore without venturing to unfamiliar territories without a plan. But here’s what I think: There’s a richness in seeing through the eyes of a local that you just can’t tap into as a tourist.

At, we believe that true wealth is experiential. What you gain—not in your pockets, obviously—by removing yourself from the sameness of everyday life and traveling somewhere new is unmatched by any other experience.

Whether you go to a nearby neighborhood you’ve never taken the time to get to know, or trek thousands of miles across an ocean, you’re elevating your life by broadening your horizons and coming home with a new perspective. That’s worth more than any amount of money in the bank.

At least, that’s how I like to travel, and that’s why I cannot put a price on a local’s itinerary. But if I had to, I’d be as bold as to say paying for a Purposeful Nomad trip is like making an investment and getting returns back ten-fold. Plus, with the 10 percent discount you get for using code at checkout, this is like dollar menu deals at McDonald’s (shut up and take my money already).

Let’s talk about what you get in riches.

Behind the scenes access.

PN offers a chance to vastly increase your experiential net worth in one fell swoop because it gives you access to a type of trip you might not otherwise have the connections for. We’re not talking about just walking around and taking in the sights. They “personally meet with local community leaders, establish long-lasting relationships and design magical, authentic and adventurous trips.”

Cultural immersion.
In other words, you don’t just see a new place—you live that new place and become part of the communities you visit. In Guatemala, you hear first-hand from the weaving ladies of Manos De Fe as they share with you the important role that textiles play in traditions of marriage. You’ll also get to participate in a kite-making workshop ahead of a festival (that less cool “tourists” only get to witness). In Ecuador, you learn the cocoa bean-to-bar process while helping out at the Mashpi Artisanal Chocolate farm.

A trip designed to empower.

PN believes “women can and will positively change this world if given the opportunity to safely and securely travel.” But so often, it’s hard to arrange for safety when planning a trip on your own (especially if you’re trying to dig a little deeper than the usual tourist stops).

PN gets groups of eight or more women together for once-in-a-lifetime adventures, self-care, and socially responsible service. Together, everyone can share their insights, learn from one another, and nav. new experiences (and potentially stay connected to change the world as a result).

Chef-prepared meals. 

Unless you’re working at one of those fancy little startups, you’re probably not used to fresh (and healthy) meals prepared with local produce by your own private chef. On the Orcas Island retreat, all of your meals are chef-made—with one night dedicated to a hands-on cooking class in preparing a harvest dinner.

You’ll also get to channel your inner Rachael Ray in Ecuador and Guatemala during cooking workshops instructed by locals.

Value, value, value.

We can’t avoid this—it’s going to cost some money. But for everything you get (you heard the facts above) in these specialized tours with private instruction from locals, chefs, and alpacas, it’s a drop in the metaphorical bucket.

Speaking of money, here’s how much you’d have to save per day for each of the Purposeful Nomad trips mentioned above (assuming you started today, February 1st, 2019):

Orcas Island: Rest and Renew Retreat (Oct 10-14, 2019)

  • price: $1,035
  • Daily Savings (From 2/1/19): $4.06 per day
  • price: $2,205
  • Daily Savings (From 2/1/19): $8.11 per day
  • price: $3,555
  • Daily Savings (From 2/1/19): $23.70 per day
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