Don’t Just Survive, Thrive: How to Ditch the To-Do List and Live Your Life

It’s always on the second to last day of vacation that reality starts creeping back in. The endless to-do list once I return home, the busy work week ahead—it all comes floating back into my brain, ruining those precious final moments of my trip.
I find myself wishing my refrigerator would just stock itself, or that I had the Beyoncé-level money to afford my own personal assistant.
And I’m not alone. Danna Redmond, co-founder of HeyThrivy, noticed that she spent all of her free time running errands and not actually doing the things that brought her joy.
“As a working professional, I was always crunched for time,” Danna says. “But I was never busy enough (or frankly, making enough money) to hire a full-time or even part-time personal assistant.”
Danna and her co-founder, Dianna Winegarden, couldn’t find anybody offering a solution like what they needed: part-time help from a trusted individual who could make proactive recommendations for home maintenance and not charge per individual task.
“So we decided to create it,” Danna says.
Who needs HeyThrivy?
The busy urban professional who has an active social life and is looking for ways to find more time to do the things they enjoy so they can get out there and thrive.
How is it different from a traditional personal assistant?
  1. When you subscribe to our service, you’re matched with an assistant who’s an employee of our company. You don’t have to become the employer yourself.
  2. It’s a flat monthly fee with everything included, so you’re not paying for individual services or by the hour.
  3. We have a network of vetted home maintenance vendors that we call upon for specialty tasks.
  4. Our app enables our employees and their clients to communicate easily and efficiently. It also stores the records of every request and home maintenance task.
  5. We have a team behind all of our home managers/personal assistants. As a client, you aren’t reliant on the skills or knowledge of only one individual; our home managers can rely on the broader team for challenging questions or tasks.
What do your customers need the most help with? 
Things like dropping off and picking up dry cleaning, taking away donations, making store returns, shipping online returns (hello, Amazon), and recycling electronics.
Once a week, we do our Home Booster tasks, which involve organizing closets and pantries, and folding a lot of laundry. We also schedule window washers, landscapers, and—now that winter has come—fireplace and chimney cleanings.
Our goal is to take on the things that need to be handled to keep life humming along but people don’t love doing, so they can get out there and live a bigger, better life in whatever way makes them happy.
Can you help Nav.igators plan vacations?
Definitely. We do research on hotels in the cities they’re interested in, or find recommendations for specialty requests in remote locations.
For example, we can research recommendations for a ski in/ski out house in Breckenridge for winter break or find a place that rents baby gear in Hawaii. Usually our clients set their budgets and we find solutions that fit their needs.
Is there anything you can’t or won’t do? 
We do have some general guidelines: we don’t watch or transport children; we don’t walk or transport pets. We also aren’t housecleaners, but we can help you find a house cleaner.
Why did you decide to include unlimited tasks? 
One of the barriers to getting help is when people have to pay by the task or by the hour. They don’t like feeling nickel-and-dimed.
We know that people don’t limit themselves to four tasks a week. Sometimes we have a lot and sometimes we have a little, so I wanted to build a service that could accommodate that need.
What makes HeyThrivy truly special?
We can actually anticipate your needs and be proactive in making recommendations. For example, we know what home tasks and maintenance projects should be done each season. We can have the landscapers scheduled for early spring before they get too booked up.

We are also in our clients’ homes each week, so we can see things that might need attention like a pantry or closet that needs to be organized. We can also help clients plan early for important events like birthday parties or their first Thanksgiving meal.
Price it Out: Live Your Life, Not Your To-Do List
  • Boost ($300 per month): Includes unlimited tasks, vendor referrals, weekly home visit (60 min), and dedicated home manager
  • Thrive ($499 per month): Everything above plus vendor scheduling, home project management, and travel/event planning
  • Thrive Plus ($650 per month): Everything above plus an extra 30 minutes for your weekly house visit (90 min total).

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