Stylish Eye Glasses on a Budget at Warby Parker

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I’ll admit, I’ve resisted Warby Parker for some time. I’ve seen this brand all over social media for years with friends and bloggers singing the praises of these fashionable, yet reasonably priced frames. I remained a skeptic.
Warby Parker sounded sensible and safe like a pair of comfortable walking shoes or nude undergarments. That’s just not me. I want the glasses that complement my cool French boho looks as easily as my nerd-chic office vibes.
Call me an elitist, but I need high-quality frames that make a statement. But then I started to wonder, how can designer frames be so much better than the generic brands, if they’re all made out of the same material? Here is where Warby Parker excels.

The price is right.
My new glasses cost $275–a far cry from the $700 designer frames (pre-lenses) I typically fall in love with. And this was on the top end of their frame and lens options. I got the super thin, no glare, x-ray vision upgrades (x-ray vision not really included). A real steal, if you ask me.
The only downer is the insurance they accept is limited.
You buy one, they give one.
Warby Parker really shines when it comes to socially conscious business practices. For every pair of glasses sold, they give a pair to someone in need. They do this in two ways: one is through empowering men and women with training opportunities to give basic eye exams and sell affordable glasses; and the second is simply giving vision care and glasses to school-aged children in need.
I don’t think Chanel is as generous about eye care and outfitting those in need, but I could be wrong.

The glasses look expensive.
What struck me about the store is that it feels designer. The atmosphere is modern, clean and inviting, and has an impressive collection of high-art magazines and books. The second I caught a glimpse of the David Bowie biography, I was sold.
Take all my money. Give it to children so they can buy glasses. What extra sold me were the employees.

I made new best friends.
My favorite part? The sales team. Literally the best customer service of my life.
They were incredibly helpful, and genuinely fun and friendly, making this typically boring task a social outing. I almost invited them over for a wine and cheese party, but then I remembered that I prefer my parties to have a guest list of one (or two, hi husband).
Style-wise, I was surprised and impressed. Lots of current, high-fashion trends to choose from. I ultimately decided on an incredible pair of gold, slightly cat-eye wire frames. Shh, I never said my taste was for everyone.

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