Calling All Photographers: Explore Cuba Through the Lens

Whether you’ve been a professional photographer for years or just got your hands on a Canon Rebel and can’t wait to see what it can do, there’s a trip to Cuba in your future.
Organized by Purposeful Nomad—a company that creates trip itineraries to bring women together to travel socially and responsibly—this “Cuba: Through the Lens” itinerary is a mix of vibrant colors, historic architecture, lush scenic excursions, vintage cars, food, music, and dance (to name a few!).
Sounds like magic, huh? Well, artsy Nav.igators, the time to act is now—there are only two spots left to claim before this photographer’s dream getaway is booked up. Here’s a taste of what you’ll experience if you head to Cuba in March 2019.
Hone your skills with a boss lady photographer.
Forget about the fact that you’ll be traversing through a colorful Caribbean island (if you can). This trip offers in-the-field photography instruction focused on composition and lighting by accomplished South African photographer Julia Cumes.
Her work has been featured in the New York Times, National Geographic, and The Chicago Tribune, along with many other publications (*flips hair*). She’s spent much of her time capturing powerful images in Africa and East Asia, particularly of the struggles women and girls face.
Grab a camera and get in on this trip. With one-on-one time built into the schedule, there’s no better way to learn the ins and outs of photography than from this pro.
Stay with the locals in Old Havana.
High ceilings, picturesque chandeliers, and beautifully restored architecture awaits at your stay in casas particulares in the historic district of Cuba’s capital, Havana. Bring your spongiest attitude to soak up the rich culture. You’ll tour sites like Plaza de la Revolución, Colón Cemetery, Malecón, and Plaza Vieja in classic 1950s vehicles (hello, Instagram of the year).
Savor some coffee, chat with the locals, admire cobblestone streets, and (most importantly) take pictures of everything. At sunset, you’ll walk down the Malecón to catch musicians jamming, young people hanging out, and other intimate moments of Havana life.
Eat at an old powerplant-turned-hip venue.
If you’re looking for a younger, edgier experience, you’ll end up at Cuba’s Art Factory—a gallery space and club. Enjoy dinner here, and take in the art, photography, and experimental performers!
Get ready to dance (or at least photograph) ballet and salsa.
Spend a couple hours photographing a ballet company’s rehearsal before taking a salsa class of your own. (Then put those new skills to the test when you end up at a salsa bar in Trinidad a couple days later in the trip.)
Explore the Bay of Pigs. 
The excursion to the Zapata National Park is an excellent opportunity for nature lovers to snap landscape photography and the area’s fishing culture. History buffs will appreciate that this is where the famous Bay of Pigs invasion happened in 1961.
But even if history wasn’t your jam in high school, you’ll have no problem appreciating the crystal clear waters where you can snorkel, swim, or simply put your feet in and soak it all in (more sponge metaphors!).
Engage the community in Trinidad.
A UNESCO heritage site, Trinidad is a colorful site of markets with artisans, street art, historical architecture, and old-world culture. This is one of the most photogenic spots in Cuba, and you’ll get to capture it. Though you should stop to appreciate it without the camera too.
Price it Out: Cuba Through the Lens
Date: March 24-30, 2019
Trip price (excluding airfare): $3875 based on double occupancy (plus $200 for your own room)
This includes: Visa and entry requirements into Cuba, letter of authorization, private transportation and driver, airport transfers, bi-lingual local guide, lodging, all meals except one lunch, all excursions in the itinerary, entrance fees to parks, photo instruction, and one-on-one critiques.

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