Navigator Spotlight: YouNancial’s Ishan Gupta

YouNancial aims to bridge the financial literacy gap for young adults by providing resources that teach fundamental personal finance skills like budgeting, saving, and investing in a relatable and engaging way. Their mission is to ensure that every user feels confident in their ability to make healthy financial decisions as they explore our courses and develop new money management skills and strategies for the future.

All You Need’s a Little Nudge

What exactly is a nudge? And how can a “nudge” help you develop better money habits? Keep reading to learn about the science behind our best financial practices, and how you can use to support them.

What is an Advanced Directive?

What is an advanced directive? And do I need one? Often called a living will, an advance directive advises everyone what you want done in case you’re unable to decide for yourself.

Talking Money in a Relationship

We rounded up the best advice and strategies for talking money in a relationship from financial experts and other couples managing their money. With this wisdom, you’ll be on track to survive financial stress.

Planning Ahead: From Finances to Feelings, How Estate Planning Can Help You Cope with Loss and Grief

I want to highlight the lessons I learned as the almost-fiancé of a wonderful man who died too early, so others don’t make the same mistakes. Mistakes that I and those impacted by his death only corrected because we lost him, not because we were financially responsible. I highlight two main points: know their wishes and know their assets.

What Is Plaid and Why Is It Important in Banking

Companies like Plaid are so important to finances and banking in this digital age, but if you’re like me though, it’s probably a bit difficult to understand how. Well, take this walk with me. I’ll show you what I’ve learned about how Plaid works, why they even need to exist, and arguably most important, how they handle your ever precious data.

Generational Wealth and’s Legacy Health Check

Legacy planning is a financial strategy that prepares people to pass their assets to a loved one. If you can leave behind an inheritance to your descendants, that constitutes generational wealth. Your strategy for creating generational wealth? Totally derived from your ability to implement a strategy where your loved ones lose as little as possible in the transfer of wealth. Even if you’re on the path to building wealth – paying down debt, buying your first home, joining the company’s retirement plan – there are some basics for you to consider for the long term. It’s why we built an interactive checklist in the money app. So let’s review the basics of the legacy health checklist and talk why it matters.


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