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by Hedy Noemi | 3 August 2020

We’ve passed the midway point in the great mind game of 2020, and now it’s time to get serious.

Serious about redefining what security and stability mean to us. The astrology of this year has not been kind, primarily due to a rare congregation of Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter in Capricorn, the sign of structures, limitations and boundaries. 

It’s not all bad news though. Through the dark night of 2020, the skies are accelerating our evolution and ripping away the band-aid of what was not meant for us. In addition to a subterranean journey of healing and transformation, the planets are pushing us to find greater financial security, and to never settle for less than what we’re worth.

Jupiter normally spends one year in each sign, and as the king of expansion, support and abundance, he is known to be the giver of gifts. However in 2020, he aligned with the dark lord Pluto, ruler of death, re-birth, and transformation. So while the overarching energy of 2020 is about a deep, significant purge in the structures that govern us, we’re making way for the new when Jupiter and Saturn both shift gears into the futuristic, egalitarian sign of Aquarius for 2021. 

The second half of 2020 will not be a simple groundhog-day style revision of the first six months.

Instead, we’re being asked to push through into a new paradigm. There’s not much room for flowing and effortless mental manifestation right now. We’re collectively and personally being taught hard, serious lessons that will pave the way for a very different landscape next year.

We are being asked to be our best inner parent, and to learn how to provide stability for ourselves. On July 20th, we entered one of the most important lunar cycles of the year that will conclude on December 30th. Sitting in opposition to Saturn, this new moon asks us to clearly define what makes us feel safe and secure. 

One key possible effect of this new moon for many is manifesting home ownership. For all of us, it is about taking slow, tangible steps towards greater stability. Luckily we have Mars summoning our will power to make changes. Ruler of our courage, stamina and the self, Mars will be sitting in his home sign of Aries for a whopping six months until January 2021.

This transit is about returning to self, channeling our frustration into action, and asserting our ability to create change.

Notice where in July you felt particularly frustrated in terms of a lack of stability. Mars in Aries is allowing us to lean into our frustration and use it as our greatest tool. The best way to pinpoint exactly where we may be employing some subtle self-sabotage is to write it down. Keeping a diary or a journal is essential this year.

Venus, our planetary ruler of money and abundance is sitting in Gemini, the sign of communication; it is through speaking and writing that we can come up with some of our best ideas to heal our bank accounts now. 

We entered a new financial chapter as a collective in 2019 when Uranus moved into Taurus, the earthy sign of abundance and stability. Over the next six years, Uranus in Taurus is a transit that will transform our financial systems, and ultimately push our economy into a new era.

There are bound to be growing pains, and as a global recession dances around us, we must consider our ability to adapt to a new financial future. Uranus in Taurus is teaching us that in order to tap into higher levels of financial abundance, we’re going to have to do something we’ve never done before.

No matter what stage of your financial journey you find yourself at, the next six months are ripe for taking small sustainable steps towards greater abundance.

Saturn is teaching us that in order to build long-term security, we must operate from a place of tough-love and discipline. For those who find saving financially challenging, this Lunar cycle of July 20th – December 30th is about embodying restrictions, so we are then able to expand down the line. Saturn is the stern father figure who in 2020 wants us to find freedom in discipline. Make no mistake that this does not restrict us in what we ask to receive. 

Over the summer a rare bi-annual Venus retrograde, gifted us a lesson in asking for more. Our challenge now is to stand firm in our gratitude, while being audacious in what we ask of the universe. Knowing exactly what we’re asking for is the first step to manifestation. The universe cannot deliver if we are not specific in our request. 

So name your value, know your worth, and write it down.  

Then tap into the wisdom of Uranus; in order to get to arrive at a mindset of financial abundance we have never reached, we need to do something we’ve never done before.

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