A New Year: Time for Reflecting and Goal Setting

by Maia Monell

May I be one of the first to say, Happy New Year, Navigators!

For some, this is totally 2021. ☝️☝️☝️

While I am more than thrilled to wish 2021 a long-overdue farewell, I can’t help but stop to admire how far we’ve come during such a trying year.

You’ve earned it

Sure, we may have stayed home more often than we would have liked, but Navigators near and far have made some outstanding wins. Wins that speak to your resilience, your determination, and yes often your acknowledgement that every so often, we get by with a little help from our friends

Here are some of biggest financial wins from Nav.it money app users

  1. Nav.it savings features have increased your savings by 10%;
  2. Nav.it coaches have helped increase credit scores by 80+ points;
  3. They’ve also helped Navigators repay over $5,000 in credit card debt
  4. And last but not least, those who check in multiple times a week see an increase in overall financial wellbeing (check out your FinWell Score)

Reflecting and then looking ahead

As we gaze into the hopeful (and maybe tired) eyes of 2022, let’s ask ourselves and our financial friends…

  1. “What did we really miss out on?”
  2. “What did 2021 bring us that made us better?”
  3. “Who do I want to be by Jan 2023?”

Your answers to these questions don’t need to be profound, hell, they don’t even need to be all that different from last year, but what they do need to be is inspiring. By asking yourself these three things you’re actively recognizing that you and you alone can manifest a new reality for yourself. You and you alone can put in the work to help you achieve what’s possible.

Charting your course

Once you’ve really sat down with yourself and answered these three questions, start to piece together a plan. I’ll admit, I’m a strategist. I love a step-by-step guide, color coated and dressed to the nine’s.

Here are the steps to create your plan for 2022:

Step 1: Define your thesis

  • A thesis is a strong starting point when charting a path because it acts as a beacon, a reminder that whatever you choose for your plan, make that choice purposeful towards you overall goal.
    • For instance, my 2022 thesis is: Welcome More Fun

Step 2: Bring out a calendar

  • Giving yourself solid deadlines for the tangible actions you hope to accomplish to meet these answers, or goals, to the best of your ability will help you piece together the big and small steps you need to take now.
    • For instance, if I want to ‘welcome more fun,’ in the form of adventure, I need to plan out my 2022 projected budget now so I know when I need to spend a little less to pay for larger purchases later in the year (like a concert, or travel…f*ck it, or both).

Step 3: Prepare to need some help along the way

  • You and you alone can manifest your own reality. I firmly believe that. However, I also believe that part of your job to accomplish your goals is to find a group of friends that support, help guide, and further this future-you. If 2020 and 2021 have taught us anything, it’s that we need to find time to be with the ones who lift us up, who challenge us to be better everyday, and who bring us bundles and bundles of joy.
    • Of course, Nav.it’s a great place to start. We’ll be here to answer your questions as you chart your course and make sure you have a fun, easy way to stay on top of your financial future.

That’s it. That’s all the advice you need to start 2022 off with a bang. You’re here. You’re ready to put in some time, talk to some friends, and chart your course to financial freedom. You’ve already done the hardest part. So celebrate that small win and you move on to the next year. Remember to be present in each and ever moment and always remember this is your life and you will figure out how to live on your own financial terms. You already are….

Lastly, some of our team’s favorite 2021 moments:

  1. “Building transaction swipes. It was a fun feature to build, and I think it was the biggest game-changer for the app so far . . .” – Brian
  2. “Getting love from navigators on Insta and Twitter. Dear navigators, we love a good @.” – Kaitlyn
  3. “Meeting part of the team in Miami earlier this year and the launch of 2.0” – Erin Pe.
  4. “Joining Nav.it!… And, pushing money page over the finish line – it was such a huge lift, a collaborative team effort, and also an extensive learning opportunity (on how we as a team work together and where we might improve our process; on including customers in our process through beta testing and user research). I’m excited to continue to work with each other and with customers who use the app to continue to improve their experience.” – Morgen
  5. “Watching this amazing team grow, challenge themselves, and beautifully collaborate to produce incredible work that truly serves Navigators over the last 12 months. Good job everyone and here’s to a great 2022!”- Erin Pa.
  6. “It’s super recent, but getting to work on the podcast. It’s been a lot of fun interacting with everyone, sharing authentic money stories and having people trust in my skill and knowledge with very little prep time. Everything feels good and natural and it’s been something I really look forward to.” Kenneth

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