Top 3 Natural Birth Control Options for Modern Women

I am a firm believer that every woman should have the right as well as the ability to access birth control should she deem it necessary. However, it’s still difficult to access comprehensive information about what women are putting into their bodies.In my clinical practice, women are increasingly inquisitive about the possibility of coming off birth control. Some of the most common occurances that drive women to considering coming off synthetic birth control are low sex drive, painful sex, weight changes, yeast infections, gut issues, and depression. This leads them to ask, What’s the best form of birth control for me?There are gaps in our understanding of menstruation, and there are even bigger gaps in understanding birth control, and its long-term effects. Given our current political climate on women reproductive rights, women need to be aware of alternative options that are available to them to better care for their mental, and physical health. Self-knowledge is the path to body literacy.

Let’s explore my top three recommendations for natural birth control options in 2019.

Fertility Awareness Methods (FAM)

Although you’re probably giving this an eye role, give me a second to explain. Where men are fertile every single day of the month, women are fertile only six days per menstrual cycle.

To avoid pregnancy, you can determine your five fertile days before ovulation by using progressive tools, such as Ava Fertility Bracelet, an FDA registered device that measures five physiological markers during the menstrual cycle, and identifies your fertile window in real time. It has 89 percent effectiveness.

You can also use Daysy (99.4 percent effective), which has an integrated thermometer that enables a precise measurement effectiveness. Daysy determines fertile and infertile phases of the female cycle and can be used for family planning.

During your most fertile days, you can avoid vaginal intercourse or use a barrier method for those five days leading up to ovulation. It’s pretty simple. FAM is a method I personally have been practicing for over 15 years.

Diaphragm (barrier method)

Caya is made of silicone rather than the latex of the old-style diaphragms and does not need to be fitted by your doctor. It is 88% effective. It works by physically blocking sperm from entering the uterus combined with an eco-friendly spermicide that kills sperm.

You can purchase Caya directly online or by prescription from your local pharmacist.

Copper IUD

The copper IUD is a wonderful option as it does not suppress ovulation or change your natural hormones. The copper IUD prevents pregnancy by impairing sperm motility. It is 99.2 percent effective.

There was one study that  found higher blood levels of copper in the IUD users, which impacted mood and other aspects of women’s health along with zinc deficiency.

Side note on ovulation: Ovulation is necessary for good feminine health. Ovulation is how you make progesterone, which is a natural valium for the brain during the week or two before menstruation. Ovulation is also responsible for mood, good metabolism and bones and necessary for an easy period.

If you’re on the Hormonal Birth Control

There are long-term side effects of being on the birth control pill, including increased nutrient deficiency such as vitamins B2, B12, B6, zinc and folate. If you plan on starting a family in the future, stop taking the pill, and start taking a multivitamin or prenatal vitamin at least six months before trying to conceiving.

If you’re interested in learning more about your current form of birth control and what form of birth control is right for you. sign up for a free consultation to explore more options with Nicole Negron.

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