To summarize, an overall strategy can help you avoid these pitfalls. Be in the best financial position possible or any life or economic circumstance with these 4 steps: 1) Install or maintain a financial safety net for life’s biggest financial risks, to include (but not limited to) disability, death, divorce, unemployment, or lawsuit. 2) Save/invest 15-20% of your annual before tax income. 3) Reduce taxes and debt. 4) Spend the rest without shame or guilt. Read More
For many, looking to the planets for financial guidance may seem a little far-fetched. However, your astrological birth chart holds more money wisdom than you might think.  The beauty of using astrology to manifest greater wealth relies on turning awareness into transformation. So whether you're a firm believer in astrology, or simply open to exploring ways to build inner awareness, this month's Venus Retrograde can deliver hidden insight into your personal health and abundance. Read More

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