9 Podcasts That’ll Make You Think, Laugh, or Feel Inspired This Weekend

The weekend is here! Need something new to listen to? We have podcast picks for true crime fans, beauty nerds, movie buffs, and everyone in between.
Discovering a podcast is like falling in love with a new TV show—except you can ostensibly binge on one while you’re sitting at your office desk. (We would never!) The most menial tasks are made bearable by a good podcast, but, similar to your favorite show, the last episode means a sudden end to the dopamine rush. If you’ve been craving audio stimulation or some mindless entertainment, we have a few recommendations that are sure to leave you satisfied. (Just make sure your boss doesn’t catch on.)
Late Night Whenever
If you love “2 Dope Queens”—and you should, because Phoebe Robinson and Jessica Williams are, well, queens—then tune into comedian Michelle Buteau’s “Late Night Whenever.” The honorary Dope Queen’s live show is funny and relatable. (“A round of applause for yourselves for coming out on a mother f*****g Tuesday night!” she says to the audience during the first episode’s intro.) Sadly, there’s only a handful of episodes since it launched at the beginning of April, but now you have something to look forward to on Tuesday morning. You’re welcome.
In the Dark
If you were obsessed with the first season of “Serial,” “In the Dark” could be your next audio addiction. Focused on the almost 30-year-old case of Jacob Wetterling, the series explores how a small Minnesota town’s local law enforcement failed to solve the mystery of young Wetterling’s kidnapping, and the crime’s national impact. Reported by Madeleine Baran, the conclusion of the podcast won’t leave you scouring the internet for theories; as Baran was investigating, the culprit confessed to the secret he’d been harboring for 27 years.
P.S. The next season of “In the Dark” comes out May 1.
My Dad Wrote a Porno
Yes, this podcast is based on actual events, and yes, it’s horrifying. But it’s also hilarious. Rocky, the author of the aforementioned erotica, has no idea what is actually sexy or arousing, leading to side-splitting commentary from his son and his two friends. Typically, the trio only makes it through one chapter per episode because it takes so long to a.) stop laughing and b.) figure out what Rocky was actually trying to convey. 
P.S. The British accents make it slightly easier to stomach phrases that would otherwise make you visibly cringe.
Dirty John
Disclaimer: “Dirty John” is only six episodes long. But there’s good news: Bravo has decided to create its own anthology series, similar to “American Crime Story,” and the first season will cover the premise of this very podcast. Just do yourself a favor: avoid spoilers and listen to it immediately. Like, right now. I won’t even mention why, but once again: you’re welcome.
Superficial Magic
Equal parts entertaining and insightful, “Superficial Magic” explores subjects like astrology, spiritual psychology, and reiki through the filter of self-care. It may sound a little lofty, but host Meagan Grainger is so relatable and candid that you feel like you’re listening to a discussion with one of your closest friends. If you’ve been wanting to learn how to meditate or manifest positivity, give the podcast a listen—Grainger speaks to both in the most approachable way possible.
Fat Mascara
You don’t have to be a beauty nerd to love “Fat Mascara,” but it does help. Hosted by beauty editors Jessica Matlin and Jennifer Goldstein, the podcast takes a high-low approach to the industry: one episode, Matlin and Goldstein will chat about their favorite products, and the next they’ll discuss fragrances as though they’re talking about art. After their interview with stylist Lorraine Massey, I’m inspired to let my silver hairs reign.
ID10T with Chris Hardwick
Speaking of nerds…earlier this year, Chris Hardwick rebranded his “Nerdist” show as “ID10T with Chris Hardwick,” but little else has changed. The name is proof: ID-Ten-T is tech-speak for a user-generated error; its abbreviation, “ID10T,” resembles the word “idiot.” Hardwick is still “adorkable,” and his conversations with celebrities like Laraine Newman, Joe Manganiello, and Natalie Portman are as endearing (and entertaining) as ever.
How Did This Get Made?
Do you love terrible movies? Do you ever wonder how they came to be? Host Paul Scheer doesn’t have the answer, but he attempts to understand how films like “Congo” and “Deep Blue Sea” were made by eviscerating them, scene-by-scene. You may not know Sheer by name, but you’re sure to recognize his voice and humor. Plus, the hilarious commentary provided by co-hosts June Diane Raphael and Jason Mantzoukas will probably make you laugh to the point of crying. (Probably best to test this at home before rolling on the floor at work a couple desks away from your boss.)
Gen Why
“Gen Why” is a true crime fanatic’s dream. Every single episode explores a different crime or unsolved mystery, from the disappearance of Natalee Holloway to the murder investigation into Casey Anthony to the crash of TWA Flight 800. With hundreds of episodes covering everything from highly publicized cases to urban legends, the show is sure to satisfy your morbid curiosity for the foreseeable future.

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